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March 2014

The city of Seville
March 31, 2014

Remote working: getting to know your team.

Working remotely has its advantages, but to ensure a good work ambient, it's good to share office space with the rest of the team from time to time.
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CookiesHQ team members enjoy social time
March 24, 2014

Remote working: the benefits of bringing your whole team together from time to time.

We dived into the world of remote working last January, when Julio joined our team. Last week we met him in the flesh for the first time.
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Gap Medics search
March 19, 2014

Spotlight search with ElasticSearch on Rails

If you need to add a Spotlight-like search feature to your Rails site, ElasticSearch is a good answer. However, there are several things you need to cover.
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Black and white image of train tracks
March 17, 2014

Rails tips: using #to_partial_path

Just a quick post about a cool Rails feature you might not know about - #to_partial_path
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