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June 2015

SEO spelled with scrabble tiles
June 23, 2015

Easy SEO meta tags in Rails 4

Having the right SEO meta tags generated for your website is a must have nowadays. Here we show how to get them set easy and fast with the help of…
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wile-e-coyote holding up a help sign
June 18, 2015

How to get more value out of your Heroku dynos, and speed up your Rails application

We recently went through a couple of optimisations on a Rails app that we're building. The application is hosted on Heroku, but most of the points here will get you…
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Digestive report
June 5, 2015

How has helped me save time and increase productivity is our new service that constructs a personalised report of activity across your company's applications. As a project manager, it has helped me maintain focus, improve communication with our…
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Leather bag on a wooden table whilst two people converse over coffee
June 1, 2015

South West tech and startup events in June

The South West will (hopefully) be hotting up this month as June brings sunshine, cider and a whole lot of tech meetups.
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