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Patternbank pattern for clothing
June 28, 2016

Creating a draggable background image

By not thoroughly thinking about how the CSS background property works with percentages, I faced a few problems when using it on a simple tool I worked on recently.
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Black and white image of a coffee sign
February 24, 2015

Lesser-known CoffeeScript features

Some lesser-known Coffeescript features you might not know about
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Dictionary open on page titled Functional
July 30, 2014

Write maintainable JavaScript/CoffeeScript in Rails

When you spend your day writing decent Ruby code, maintaining JavaScript is really a pain. We have partially overcome this problem by isolating the calls. Let's have a look on…
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December 6, 2013

CookiesHQ is looking for a Ruby on Rails developer

Cookies HQ is a small but growing Ruby on Rails web agency based in Bristol, UK. We create web applications for startups and small businesses, specialising in complex back-end solutions.…
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Code climate table
October 4, 2013

Friday Post #17

Where is the last month gone? September is supposed to drag, be gloomy and full of post-sunny-holiday nostalgia. It wasn't this year. It was great! We started a new project,…
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