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October 20, 2013

CookiesHQ Rails Rumble 2013 round up

Rails Rumble was a fantastic time. And this year I had the chance to team up with Zac. Let's have have a look at our round up.
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October 18, 2013

Friday Post #18

Tonight it is RailsRumble night, which means that Zac and I will spend 48 hours coding flat out! Nathalie escaped this by taking some workation in France. And today is…
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October 14, 2013

CookiesHQ office will be open for 2013 RailsRumble

This is RailsRumble time again, and this year the CookiesHQ office will be open for any rumblers who want fancy a change of scenery
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Code climate table
October 4, 2013

Friday Post #17

Where is the last month gone? September is supposed to drag, be gloomy and full of post-sunny-holiday nostalgia. It wasn't this year. It was great! We started a new project,…
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