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Do you have the next big idea that you want to transform into a working tech product? We’ve made web and mobile apps for startups for over eight years and can’t wait to build your success story.

what to expect

The Process

We have a simple four step process to help you build and launch your big idea. We do this by optimising our productivity and move rapidly from idea to launch. Because of this, we are always accurate with our estimations.

  • Discovery Day Session

    We start with a discovery session – a day of exploring your product idea, where you pitch your idea to our designers, developers and business experts.

    We then examine your proposition together: Target market, features, monetisation model, metrics, growth plans.

    The aim is to validate all aspects of your project and ultimately, determine what should be, and more importantly what shouldn’t, be included in your MVP.

  • Technical Delivery Plan

    Following our discovery session, we produce a technical delivery plan, detailing user stories and our recommended choice of technologies and softwares, as well as an outline of the design and development sprints.

    Even though we are a technical agency, we consider tech to be secondary.

    Your project requirements and your users come first and determine our recommendations for the tech stack. With a strong plan in place, you now have a clear idea of how we intend to bring your concept to life.

  • Assemble Right Team

    The next step is to find the right people to work on your project. Our teams usually include a back-end developer, a front-end developer, a designer and a project manager, who work by your side for the whole duration of the project.

    You will get to know them and meet with them on a regular basis.

    Working according to an Agile methodology in two-week sprints, we start to build your app one story at a time. ​Although our expertise is tech, we believe that human interaction is our strongest asset when it comes to creating better products.

  • Launch & Support

    The launch of your project doesn’t bring our collaboration to an end.

    We continue to be part of your story and offer our full support once your product goes live. Acting as a virtual technical team, we can help you analyse user feedback, refine future development phases and scale your product successfully.

    When the time comes to build your own technical team, we will help you recruit the right people and ensure a smooth handover.

We’re more than a service provider, we’re your technical partner. 

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