Let's take you to the next level​

We partner with established startups and scale-ups to provide code audits, support, strategy and feature development. If you are looking to take your business to the next level and scale, CookiesHQ is your trusted technical partner.


Our process

When we integrate with a bigger team, you benefit from our development expertise and a productivity boost.

<p”>By taking the lead within a smaller team, we help you develop new processes and scale software.

We’re confident that we can work with whatever tech your product needs to become more robust, more resilient and more successful. As much as we can, we’ll try to avoid rewriting your current application – we have yet to see a codebase in such a bad state that it can’t be rescued.

First, let’s have a chat

You and your business are unique. Which is why we don’t treat anyone the same way.

The first step is meeting you to get an understanding of how you work and what you would like to improve.

It’s important for us to not only know your product, but also the most important people within the business who will be driving the product forward.

Getting to know your code

The next step is to get your project up and running on our development machines.

We’ll work through your code carefully, writing up our suggestions for fixes and improvements.

We will then explain what needs improving urgently, and what you should keep an eye in case it becomes a problem.

Quick wins and long-term goals

During the code review, we’ll sort out the low hanging fruit: Small bugs will be fixed, typos corrected, inconsistencies smoothed out.

We’ll then talk you through our recommendations and come up with a plan to implement the larger changes that will make a big difference to your product.

And – just like that – you’ll have found a trustworthy team to support your project into the future.

We’re more than a service provider, we’re your technical partner.

Let's work together

It all starts with a chat

We will build your web or mobile app, help you launch faster and scale better.