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Bitesize chunks of top quality content to help you take your business to the next level. All before 9am.

Between homeschooling, Zoom meetings and Slack pings, it’s hard to find the time to learn something new these days.

We’re inviting experts to host short, sharp, go-getter sessions every other Friday morning – providing you with top quality content and tips that you can start implementing that very day.

Each session will consist of a quick introduction, a 15-20 minute expert presentation followed by Q&A, wrapping up at 9 am. Grab a coffee, learn a lot and get on with your Friday!

Upcoming sessions

How to be seen as an expert

How to be seen as an expert – Rin Hamburgh

Friday 23rd April – 8.30am
You know that you and your team are great at what you do. You know the product or service your business offers is exceptional. The problem is, you’re having trouble getting the word out.

In this Smart Cookies session, Rin Hamburgh, founder of copywriting agency Rin Hamburgh & Co, will be looking at the 7 types of content industry experts create and share to build their business reputation, and answering your questions about how to be seen as an expert.

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Tim Morgan Venture Capital Q&A

VC Q&A – Tim Morgan

Friday 7th May – 8.30am
Tim Morgan is the founder of SouthWestern VC. He is an investor in and advisor to early-stage tech startups including Teller, Neuro AI, Penfold, Tickitto and MyNestBox. He is a board member at YLD and investor in residence at SetSquared Bath.
Prior to this Tim founded London and New York based startup studio Mint Digital and exited tech startups Picklive and Stickygram. Prior to Mint, Tim worked in M&A. He has sold companies (including his own) for more than £150m.

For this Smart Cookies Breakfast Club Tim will be answering any and all of your questions relating to venture capital investments.

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Romaric Pascal will host 'Accessibility: It takes everyone to build for everyone' on Friday 21st May at 8.30 am

Accessibility: It takes everyone to build for everyone – Romaric Pascal

Friday 21st May – 8.30am

Tech permeates nearly every area of our lives, even more so during a pandemic. While technical products have the power to open up communities and link individuals to modern society, they can also leave people feeling isolated and left behind.

We traditionally think of accessibility as being an issue for developers and designers, but Romaric will offer an overview of what accessibility means for web development, and how it involves the whole team – from developers to stakeholders, through project managers, designers, content creators, testers…

He’ll give specific examples of what to look for to help you start improving your site or app’s accessibility right away.

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