Smart Cookies is back

Bitesize chunks of top quality content to help you take your business to the next level. All before 9am.

Between homeschooling, Zoom meetings and Slack pings, it’s hard to find the time to learn something new these days.

We’re inviting experts to host short, sharp, go-getter sessions every other Friday morning – providing you with top quality content and tips that you can start implementing that very day.

Each session will consist of a quick introduction, a 15-20 minute expert presentation followed by Q&A, wrapping up at 9 am. Grab a coffee, learn a lot and get on with your Friday!

Upcoming sessions

Chris Goodfellow

How to use content marketing to build brand engagement – Chris Goodfellow

Friday 18th June – 8.30am

Content marketing creates conversations and helps build communities. It plays a crucial step in today’s sales funnel.

In this Smart Cookies session, Inkwell founder Chris is going to share how to develop a content marketing strategy, from developing ideas and planning different types of content to marketing and SEO.

He’ll give practical examples of campaigns that you can learn from and share tips that you can implement straight away to get better results from the effort you invest in content marketing.

Inkwell creates extraordinary content that shares human stories to build and inspire communities of small businesses. That means working with brands from TSB to SimpleWeb and organisations like Greenwich University to help them grow their audience of small business owners.

Learn how to use content marketing to build brand engagement →

sarah williams

How to develop company culture and values – Sarah Williams

Friday 2nd July – 8.30am

In building a strong, resilient and productive team and company, it’s essential that Leaders actively plan, grow and protect a culture that attracts and motivates people to be their best selves, and to work together as a highly effective team in the pursuit of your goals. A culture that truly embodies the vision and principles of the founders.

In this session, Sarah will be taking us through the first of 19 stages of their ‘Rocko Rocket’ (a framework for building great companies, teams and cultures),’Company identity’.

She will guide us through the steps required to devise company values and behaviours that truly, and without any ambiguity, capture what it means to be part of your company/journey. Ensuring these are embedded in everything you and your team do at all stages of growth.

Learn how to develop your company culture and values →

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