Smart Cookies is back

Bitesize chunks of top quality content to help you take your business to the next level. All before 9am.

Between homeschooling, Zoom meetings and Slack pings, it’s hard to find the time to learn something new these days.

We’re inviting experts to host short, sharp, go-getter sessions every other Friday morning – providing you with top quality content and tips that you can start implementing that very day.

Each session will consist of a quick introduction, a 15-20 minute expert presentation followed by Q&A, wrapping up at 9 am. Grab a coffee, learn a lot and get on with your Friday!

Upcoming sessions


The ART of SEO – Jon Payne, Technical Director of Noisy Little Monkey

Friday 12th March – 8.30am
ART stands for Architecture, Relevance and Tech. You’ll learn how your website’s architecture should be optimised, the process you can follow to make your content super relevant to your potential customer when they search and how to check and improve your tech stack to ensure Google loves your site.
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Recruiting in tech

The good, bad and the ugly of recruiting in tech – Iain Blair, MD at Revoco

Friday 26th March – 8.30am
Iain Blair, MD at Revoco will be sharing the good, the bad and the ugly of recruiting in tech. He’ll offer a snapshot of how to successfully attract and hire talent in 2021 and some simple do’s and don’ts. Iain has been in the technology recruitment and staffing sector for 25 years.
There is very little Iain hasn’t seen in the tech talent world – his experience in agency recruitment and in running in house (outsourced) talent functions has given him the full spectrum of what success looks like.
Learn how to attract the right talent →

Make better decisions – Joe Leech, Product Management Coach

Friday 9th April – 8.30am
Have you ever wondered how product teams in successful start-ups and large companies make decisions? What drives their choices? Do they always make the right choice?

This talk is all about what to build next, how to plan what to do in a week, in a month and further ahead. How successful product teams make good choices and how your team can too.

Joe has a podcast ( where he interviews product leaders from around the world, including WordPress,, YouTube, Monzo and Spotify asking them how they make the choices they do.

Joe will synthesise the learnings form the podcast to help you and your team make better product decisions.
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How to be seen as an expert

How to be seen as an expert – Rin Hamburgh

Friday 9th April – 8.30am
You know that you and your team are great at what you do. You know the product or service your business offers is exceptional. The problem is, you’re having trouble getting the word out.

In this Smart Cookies session, Rin Hamburgh, founder of copywriting agency Rin Hamburgh & Co, will be looking at the 7 types of content industry experts create and share to build their business reputation, and answering your questions about how to be seen as an expert.

Learn how to be seen as an expert →

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