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We plan, design, build and scale web and mobile apps

If you need an app, we can plan and build that for you. If you have an app, we can work with your team to fix and scale it, or take ownership of your project from your current agency or developer. We’re experts in Ruby on Rails app development and have dedicated over a decade to mastering a select few technologies. Our clients stick with us for our flexibility, openness and how our solution-focussed approach benefits their business in the long-term.

Here are some of the services we provide to take you to the next level.

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Taking out the guesswork

The technical and launch plan you need, nothing more

Join us for full-day workshop to boil down the many ideas into a working to-do list – really getting to the minimum and viable aspects of your MVP. Everyone will leave the session with a clear idea of what we’ve learned and how the product will be brought to life,  followed by a full technical and launch plan. This is an incredibly detailed white label document you can refer back to – and even present to another agency!

Let’s take the guesswork out of your product launch

Ruby on Rails app development
Ruby on Rails app development
Ruby on Rails app development
Ruby on Rails app development
Let’s build something new together

Idea validation and MVP development

Work with our expert team to build and launch your new product to market. With a launch deadline as small as 12 weeks, we prefer to keep things simple and launch product fast. Plus, if we’re late, we’ll work for free!

Let ‘s build something great together

“Cookies provide everything you would want from an in house team whilst enabling the flexibility of a remote one. The warmth and ease of communication with all the team members made what could have been a very stressful experience, actually enjoyable.  We are hoping to continue working with them as we grow.”

- Kate Dimbleby, Co-founder of Stornaway
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Let’s grow your app

Code audit, upgrade and consultancy

We specialise in Ruby on Rails app development, React, Ionic and a few other languages. We can scale your product and integrate with your team to help you tame that ever-growing backlog and icebox. Or, we can focus on code audits or a Ruby on Rails upgrade for your app.

Let’s take your product and your team to the next level

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We'll look after, fix and grow your existing app

Project take over and rescue

You may have found yourself in the unfortunate position of being let down by whoever is currently handling your project, or you might be looking to transfer ownership of it for pragmatic reasons. However it’s come about, we know that finding a trusted partner to take over your project can be stressful and not all agencies are keen on working on legacy code.

Fortunately, we don’t shy away from fixing and improving other people’s code. In fact, we enjoy it so much we’ve made it a core speciality of our team. Ruby on Rails app development, code and security audits, quick fixes and long-term improvements and full project takeovers are all part of what we do.

Let’s work together to get your project back on track

Let's work together

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We will build your web or mobile app, help you launch faster and scale better.