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Sometimes in the lifespan of a project, relationships with developers fall through, or ambitions don’t align anymore. However it’s come about, if you’re now on the lookout for a new development partner to take over your app or website, fix what needs to be fixed, build new features and a new relationship, then you’re in the right place.

We love a challenge and don’t shy away from working on existing codebases. In fact, we get quite excited about it! If you’ve invested in a Ruby on Rails application a React or Ionic mobile app or a complex WordPress website, our team can optimise, improve, maintain and scale that for you. We will handle your tech, so you can focus on growing your business.

We’re a team of expert developers – masters of our craft. We specialise in a few technologies and our commitment to self-improvement and learning continually benefits the businesses we work with.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Clients often come to us saying things like...

  • My app is slow and my customers are churning.
  • My app has security issues, what can I do?
  • We’re no longer working with the agency or individual that built our app and need someone with expertise to takeover.
  • Something has gone critically wrong with our app and it needs saving!

We’ve heard all the points above and more in the past. However the situation has come about, the prospect of organising a successful project handover is stressful. The most important thing for you to do now is not panic. Take the time to weigh up your options and find the right partner for the next steps in your journey.

“CookiesHQ took over our existing sites. Some developers are put off by legacy code, but Nic and the team wanted to get under the hood and take on the challenge. They have helped improve our technical infrastructure and move the sites forward.”

- George Rendel, Co-founder of The Medic Portal
george rendel
It all starts with a chat

Are we the right fit for your project?

Before we can do anything practical, we will need an understanding of your current situation. Like with every good question in life, the answer to “Can you look after my app and help me scale?” is “It depends (but, probably yes!)”

The first step is setting up a conversation between you and our project team. We will get to know your project, understand your current situation, requirements and future plans. You can get a feel for who we are and how we will work with you moving forward.

We might be a tech agency, but our business is built on relationships. This is a chance for us all to discover if there’s strong foundations for a successful relationship and what the future may look like.

Let's get our hands dirty

Technical and UX review

If we come aboard your project, the first piece of work we’ll carry out is technical and user experience review of your app.

The aim is to understand what we have to support and build upon. We’ll conduct a deep analysis of your codebase to:

  • Identify performance and security pitfalls
  • Investigate deployment processes
  • Look at you backup strategy
  • Annotate areas of code for further investigation
  • Highlight particularly complex sections for further investigation – this is often where the skeletons are buried!

This handover can be done in collaboration with your legacy technical provider, or we can undergo the discovery phase on our own if this is not appropriate. We will work around your situation.

Following this review, we will give you our in-depth technical recommendations on how to take your project and our relationship forward.

Let's get going!

Full ownership and the fixing begins

Now we have an understanding of your codebase we are able to start supporting you and your business by fixing the most pressing issues and building those new features.

We will typically work in 10 days sprints – each sprint starts with a feature planning and estimation session, followed by regular small deployments to facilitate testing. You’ll be kept in the loop throughout, chatting to our team multiple times a week.

Rather than an outsourced agency, we think you should feel like we’re simply an extension of your team – we’re just not in the office! We deliver the peace of mind that comes with knowing your tech is in expert hands, and you’re supported by a team that will take on any new challenge you throw at us.

It all starts with a chat

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It all starts with a chat

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