Platform Action

An investment platform consultancy based in the UK and operating worldwide.
Platform Action

A robust application to deliver trust to clients during a major internal system overhaul.

Imagining a future of planning and executing large-scale projects

In August 2019 we were approached by Matt Roblin (Head of Tech Delivery) and James Routley (Head of CX) from a wealth management platform consultancy: Platform Action.

Having identified a difficulty in planning and executing a project on a large scale within huge organisations, and the need to streamline and smoothen processes, Matt and James engineered a solution: assurance project templates that were tailorable according to the company’s particular requirements.

Initial research and findings suggested that there was interest in this kind of service. However, the team decided that a prototype to demo the full version would be extremely beneficial to showcase the idea to prospective customers.


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Building the MVP

We undertook a discovery session with the clients to investigate building a project management tool for financial services to internally manage current and future products. This would be the MVP which Platform Action would use to sell their delivery assurance services to financial service institutions.

With high-level executives in mind, we created an ambitious yet user-friendly project management tool for large organisations offering financial products in which administrators are able to create project templates and client projects with linkable workflows in order to manage the delivery of these products.

Two user interfaces were considered: a diagram UI and a dashboard with card and page navigation. After discussions and trials, it was decided that the dashboard interface would provide the best UX with a unified interface and a system-wide filtering system. Indeed it would allow users to have easy access to the relevant information required.

We focused first on developing a usable MVP quickly and efficiently with the ability to build incrementally, adding new features in order to respond to user feedback.

Earlier this year the MVP was launched and in February the client undertook their first client demo and won their first paid work using the tool!

We are excited to continue working with Matt and James to continually build new features and improve on their MVP.

Software used: Ruby on Rails, Bugsnag, Heroku, DNSimple

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