Innovative medical learning through a stylish online platform. Showcases immersive video lectures, self-assessments and textbook content.
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Innovating the medical revision market

Benjamin Smeeton, Benjamin Norton and Samuel Belete are three newly qualified doctors with unbridled ambition. While studying for their exams, they all had a similar experience – they found that online medical revision services were lacking and that there was considerable room for innovation. United by their shared passion, they set about building a company that would simplify the way medicine is taught online and provide a fresh approach to undergraduate learning. And so Pulsenotes was born.

Young entrepreneurs can often experience giant hurdles when trying to start and grow their business, especially when trying to get financial backing. However, with the graduates’ undeniable passion, coupled with the quality and innovation of the idea, many recognised the potential of the business and they quickly secured funding. After receiving grants from the University of Exeter’s Innovation Centre and Ignite scheme, and gaining substantial capital investment from entrepreneur Phil Cameron, the team were ready to begin building Pulsenotes.

Pulsenotes, surgeons performing surgical procedure

“We really enjoyed working with the CookiesHQ team. They took the ideas further and improved the user experience in a number of ways”

Samuel Belete, Co-founder and Director of Pulsenotes

Taking the product to the next level

The team at Pulsenotes invited us to become their technical partners and help their idea come to fruition. As well as developing the app and marketing site, we contributed our own technical expertise and business experience. Through brainstorming workshops and feature planning sessions, we challenged their concepts to take them one step further each time.


Pulsenotes launched in December 2015. The online medical revision service for undergraduates engages and challenges students. For the price of a standard textbook, users have complete access to quality video lectures series, question bank and accompanying notes. After such a successful launch, we look forward to what the future holds for Pulsenotes.


Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Stripe, Vimeo API

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