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The leading resource and training provider for everyone who wants a career in Medicine — and those that advise them.
The Medic portal

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Providing a 100% trustworthy, one-stop-shop for aspiring medics

The Medic Portal was founded in 2013 by practising doctors and full-time education professionals. Their goal was simple: to offer high-quality teaching through an innovative approach to online and offline learning. Quickly, they established a long list of partner schools and organisations, including the Royal Society of Medicine, the world-leading medical authority that counts Darwin and Pasteur among its members.

The Medic Portal engages with over a million users a year online and works with hundreds of schools across three continents each year. With continual growth on the horizon, their team were looking for someone they could trust to help their websites scale.

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“CookiesHQ took over our existing sites. Some developers are put off by legacy code, but Nic and the team wanted to get under the hood and take on the challenge. They have helped improve our technical infrastructure and move the sites forward.”

- George Rendel, Co-founder of The Medic Portal
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Improving performance for scalability

George, co-founder of The Medic Portal, first met us back in 2018, when we teamed up to build the MVP of examfit. Impressed by our pragmatism and passion to do great work, we conducted a mini discovery workshop so we could understand their immediate business needs and long term goals. It was clear that from the high volume of seasonal traffic, their sites were struggling to hold up and performance improvements became paramount.

We set upon an initial discovery sprint – investigating the overall structure of the codebase, setting performance benchmarks and tackling low hanging fruits. Before too long, we were making integral structural changes to increase performance. Following our regular deploys, the end result was a speedy website that holds up well, even under slow connections. It continues to perform and show stability during peak revision periods.

The future is bright for The Medic Portal users – we’re currently in the process of a redesign and build of key product pages and user dashboard, so they can look forward to many new and exciting features.

Technologies used: WordPress, Ractive.js

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The Medic portal
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