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Rob Paskin

Initial impression of elixir and phoenix logo
September 9, 2016

Initial impressions of Elixir/Phoenix

I recently had a chance to play with Elixir and Phoenix as part of my Cookies Lab. The following is a whistle-stop tour of my first impressions.
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Tablets sitting on a window sill
August 9, 2016

Service workers and browser push notifications (with Ruby on Rails example)

We were recently developing an app with a real-time notification component. Since we could be confident of the devices being used by end users, we decided to forego long-polling and…
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Code First Girls logo
July 13, 2016

What I’ve learnt from teaching for Code First:Girls

What teaching for Code First:Girls has taught me about myself, the way I see development and how it affects our 'Do good; Be good' mindset.
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Close up of a clock
June 21, 2016

Multiparameter attributes with Ruby on Rails

In part 1, we looked at how Rails handles multiparameter attributes - like dates - in forms and models. This time, we'll be looking at how we can use this…
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Ansible logo
March 15, 2016

Thoughts on Ansible

A few months ago, we faced the challenge of moving a large website to a new hosting provider, in order to reduce costs as well as increase reliability and performance.…
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Metal letter stamps
July 29, 2015

Reordering collections in ActiveAdmin

Recently, we were building a CMS system for a client, and had the requirement that admins should be able to set the order in which various records (photos, job adverts,…
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Enigma typewriter
May 11, 2015

Encrypting secrets with Rails

Our new project Digestive uses the APIs of various services to construct progress reports for web agencies to send to their clients. In order to access said APIs, we need…
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