Cookies HQ sponsors Bristol Business Mums

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About a year ago, I became a mum. Since then, pretty much everything – business-wise and non-business-wise – revolves around the little person.

I went back to work last September, when little T. was about 6 months old. Slowly, I started to go out again, getting used to talking with adults about other things than sleep, meals, toys and nappies.

And after our Christmas break, I was ready. Ready to go to networking events. Ready to talk business with like-minded people. Ready to make the extra effort needed to grow our business.

But here is the thing: 1. time is now very precious to me and 2. networking has never been my favourite thing in the world, as I already mentioned before.

So if I was going to go to networking events, it should be ones that really interested me and that I could enjoy. And because the ‘mumpreneur’ trend is getting more and more popular, I looked for a meetup group of mumpreneurs in Bristol.

Funnily enough, I couldn’t find any active group in the area, so I set up my own: Bristol Business Mums].

I created a Meetup page, a Faceboook page, a Twitter account, spoke to a few friends and tried to get the word out.

The group is sponsored by Cookies HQ and Nimble Design. We had our first meetup this morning, and, with 15 attendees, I think we can say it’s a success. Interesting conversations, good feedback and great people! I am now more than convinced that there’s potential to build an active network of business mums in Bristol.

So if you know of anyone who could be interested, let them know!