So the weather is taking a slight turn for the worse. This gives you the perfect excuse to stay indoors with some good company at any of the meetups listed for this month.

Bristol WordPress People: ‘FAQ Concertina Plugin Demo’ & ‘Getting Started with Git’

Tuesday 1st September 2015 – 6:30pmFamous Royal Navy Volunteer, 17-18 King Street, Bristol, BS1 4EF

This month features two talks. This first will be given by Michael Burridge and focuses on how to add a concertina-style FAQ listing using a simple shortcode. Afterwards, Rob George will be giving a brief introduction into what version control is, then move onto how to start using Git for WordPress projects.

Bristol Data Scientists: September Meetup

Thursday 3rd September 2015 – 6pmThe Watershed, 1 Canon’s Road, Harbourside, Bristol

The meeting will be an informal event aimed at the promotion of and shared learning around Data Science and will consist of a few short presentations followed by networking time over a drink.
Presentation topics include “How Charities are Harnessing the Power of Data” and “Data Mining using Apache Storm.

Bristech: “Drupal & the IoT” / “OpenStack”

Thursday 3rd September 2015 – 7pmEngine Shed, Temple Meads, Station Approach, Bristol, BS1 6QH

Mike Dixon will be giving an introduction to how a PHP based application such as Drupal can interact with the Internet of Things (IoT), with a look at some specific implementations using the MQTT protocol.
The second talk will be given by Paul Carlton and Alexis Lee and it will be all about OpenStack. It will cover the OpenStack architecture, the development processes and tools used by OpenStack developers. Finally there will be a discussion on the challenges of maintaining a large scale cloud infrastructure.

Bristol Java Meetup: Lightning Talks @ Brightpearl

Tuesday 8th September 2015 – 6:30pmBrightpearl, New Bond House, Bond Street, Bristol, BS2 9AG

Bristol Java Meetup will play host to a set of 5 – 10 minute lightning talks on various subjects. Here’s a taste of some of the confirmed speakers so far:
• Adam Retter – What the heck is a monad?
• Rob Veese – Java Command Line Parsing
• Thomas Radcliffe – Performance Testing with Gatling
• Gareth Jones – Some AI examples in Games Programming, Battleships, Connect 4 etc…

SWUX: A storm of lightning talks

Tuesday 8th September 2015 – 7pmMixRadio, Prudential Buildings, 11-19 Wine Street, Bristol, BS1 2PH

This month, SWUX will host a night of brilliant lightning talks from some fab people. Here are just a few to whet your appetite:
• ‘Why She Left’ from Dave Allen. A talk on how we can pre-empt outside factors to keep users from leave our websites (with real life and digital examples).

• ‘Emotional Triggers’ from Shazmin Jagot. We saw Shazmin give this talk at UX and it was great. It’s all about how social situations create emotional connections and how this can be reflected in the digital world.

• ‘How to Ask a Question’ from user researcher, James Lang asks what the perfect question is. This talk will share the techniques of structure, phrasing and sequence that make for better interviewing.

Bristol Digital Analytics Meetup: Free Tolls & Tips to Improve Customer Insight

Wednesday 9th September 2015 – 6pmTrue Digital, 1st Floor, Royal London Buildings, 42-46 Baldwin Street, Bristol

Phil Pearces and Jon Boom will cover the number of tools that we can use to improve customer insight (with all of them being FREE!). You’ll be able to learn all about Google Tag Manager, BrandWatch and WordStream Grader, to name just a few.

ACCU Bristol: “Your Web Stack Would Betray You in an Instant

Monday 14th September 2015 – 7pmBristol Marriott Hotel City Centre, 2 Lower Castle Street, Bristol, BS1 3AD

In this talk Tim Perry will take a stroll down through a modern web stack and examine some recent major security breakages in each layer to see how they work and why. With any luck, by the end of the evening you’ll be able to
work out how to avoid this sort of thing in future, when either using or building such tools.

South.West.Test.: #3 Meetup

Wednesday 16th September 2015 – 6:30pm

The group will be trying out a slightly different format this September, and they’re excited about it too!
Dan Billing, test engineer at New Voice Media, will talk about how security testing has reinvigorated his love for testing by introducing him to new ideas, techniques and possibilities. Dan will then demonstrate how I approach security testing in his day to day work.
After his talk, Dan will be facilitating an open discussion on some themes from his talk. We’re hoping that this will be an excellent opportunity for us all to learn more about security testing from each other and from Dan!

Bristol DevOps: Kubernetes and Mesosphere

Wednesday 16th September 2015 – 6:30pmBasekit office, 4th floor, The Pithay, Bristol, BS1 2ND

Billie Thompson, software developer at Purple Booth, will be giving everyone an introduction to Docker and Kubernetes, with and explanation of how he uses it at the home office.
Afterwards, will be a talk on running database containers using Marathon and Flocker, given by Kai Davenport – developer evangelist at ClusterHQ .

TechSPARK: Techie Brekkie – Personal Branding, are you what you share?

Thursday 17th September 2015 – 8:15amEngine Shed, Temple Meads, Station Approach, Bristol, BS1 6QH

In the age of social media, our personal brand is everywhere. Whether conscious or unconscious, almost all of us have left digital footprints online and in our social media presence that translate into personal branding.
In this meetup, you’ll learn how to control and fine-tune your digital footprint and social media presence, to become more in control of your personal brand.

Bristol MEAN School: MEAN Stack Hack Night

Tuesday 17th September 2015 – 6pmTemple Studios, Temple Gate, Bristol, BS1 6QA

Single page web apps and technologies such as **M**ongoDB, **E**xpress, **A**ngularJS and **N**odeJS are hot right now; however not many of us get to use these technologies in our day jobs.
This event is aimed at beginners through to pros, and hopefully everyone will leave with an understanding of what they can build with the technology and how.
A set of workshops will be provided for each technology in the stack so even if you are a complete beginner, you should leave with an understanding of how you could build something using the tech.
A git repository is available ( that contains everything you need to get up and running although you’ll need to bring your own laptop and some basic knowledge of git and *nix to utilise this on the night. But once again you may just want to come along to see the workshops and get a feel for how you could utilise the tech.
The focus of this event is to connect a like minded bunch of people to work together, share knowledge and deliver a prototype that resonates with the theme of the night which is connecting people.

SWmobile: September meetup

Tuesday 29th September 2015 – 6:30pm

Come along and watched three excellent talks with a bit of networking and beer-drinking thrown in too. So far, speakers confirmed are:
• Eifion Jones – Lean Video: How to make an app promo on a budget.
• Tom Melamed – Passwords suck! There must be a better way?

Accessible Bristol: “Designing for accessibility”

Tuesday 29th September 2015 – 7pmEngine Shed, Station Approach, Temple Meads, Bristol

The fantastic Alastair Campbell joins the meetup this month to give a talk which aims to provide a framework for considering design from an accessibility point of view. As the Director of Accessibility at Nomensa, he really does know his stuff!

Bristol JS: WebGL – 3D Graphics for the open web

Wednesday 30th September 2015 – 7pmBasekit office, 4th floor, The Pithay, Bristol, BS1 2ND

In this meetup the group will be be decoding some of the enigma surrounding WebGL and graphics programming on the open web.
You’ll take a birds-eye-view on the basic concepts of GPU programming, how it differs both conceptually and technically from serial programming; dive into the powerful world of shaders; before briefly looking at some advanced next level techniques such as ray-tracing.
You should walk away feeling more confident approaching WebGL and graphics programming in general; be able find your way through a vertex shader and even start your own interactive demo.

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