Where is the last month gone? September is supposed to drag, be gloomy and full of post-sunny-holiday nostalgia. It wasn’t this year. It was great! We started a new project, attended various events, met lots of interesting people.

We’ve got more good stuff planned for October though, including the all important Rails Rumble that Nic and Zac are doing together this year! (while I’m escaping to France for a few days… Believe me, you don’t want to be stuck in the same room as 2 devs who code for 48 hours non stop).


coffeescript_logoZac: 10 CoffeeScript one liners to impress your friends

Our most recent project contains a reasonable amount of Javascript.  We’ve been using CoffeeScript for a while but I’m just getting used to some of the finer points.

This article was nice to demonstrate some of the cute things you can do with it, big points for the ones that are both concise and more readable.



digital_nomadNic: I became a digital nomad

This guys is ‘living the dream’. Coding and travelling at the same time. It looks like it has some downsides, but all in all he seems happy.

Maybe we could try ourselves a week or two per year of’ ‘workation’.



startup_cost_infographicNat: What does it cost to run a startup?

This infographic shows the cost of running a startup in 8 cities in the world: Zurich, Sydney, NY, San Francisco, London, Paris, Mumbai and Manila. It only includes the cost of getting an office, hiring 2 developers and 1 designer, but the results are quite interesting.

And I love the illustration chosen for London!