We have been partnering with Good Sixty from the very beginning and since launching in late 2016, they’ve been striving to nourish our communities and create a better platform for local retailers to share their passion for food.

With over 50 high street heroes and counting, they are giving the public the opportunity to support their local retailers. Not everybody has time to visit their local independent store so more often than not, convenience wins over community. What they provide for their customers is easily accessible, local produce, delivered straight to their front door. They are bringing independent retailers forward and increasing their digital presence to help better connect them with their communities. Besides, for every £1 spent with your local retailers, 60p will go back into the community. So not only do you get amazing products, you also contribute to the development of your own neighbourhood.

Launching their crowdfunding campaign

Good Sixty is growing fast and already planning to expand outside of Bristol, into other cities, starting with Cardiff, Bath and London. Supporting other independent retailers outside of Bristol will allow communities all over the UK to benefit from a richer, more connected society. In order to do this, they have launched a Crowdcube campaign.

Crowdfunding gives anybody the opportunity to invest in a piece of Good Sixty. They’ll be using the funds to not only put their plans of expansion into action, but to also improve their platform and develop their marketing. They are looking to raise £150,000 and the crowdfunding campaign is now live.

What does investing in Good Sixty do for you? Investment in the company will allow you to reap the benefits of their success. If they do well, so do you. Besides, with £10 being the minimum investment, you can put in as little or as  big as you like.

So don’t waste a minute, visit their page and own a piece, rather than just being a part of the story! 

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