2016 shows the continued growth of the Bristol & Bath Digital Tech Cluster. Find out what’s going on the tech world this June.

TechSPARK Bristol: Silicon Gorge Crowd10 Showcase

Wednesday 1st June 2016 – 5:45pmEngine Shed, Station Approach, Temple Meads, Bristol, BS1 6QH

As partners of the Crowd10 programme, which has selected 10 promising early-stage South West startups to support through crowdfunding in June, TechSPARK has been given a limited number of tickets to a Showcase event on 1st June which we thought you may be interested in!
These ten exciting startups will pitch their business to a room full of potential investors at the Silicon Gorge driven showcase event at the Engine Shed.
There are a diverse range of startups pitching (not just Tech focused- however 50% of them are!) and all are looking for under £150k investment, which makes them eligible for the extremely attractive SEIS tax relief.
Due to a limited number of spaces for this event please do only sign up if you are interested in becoming a crowdfunding investor, and to see the brilliant startups that you could be investing in! (By the way there’s a minimum of £10 investment and maximum of full raise – so fairly varied levels!)

Bristol Clojurians: Programming in the Pub

Wednesday 1st June 2016 – 6:00pmSmall Bar, 31/32 King Street, The Beermuda Triangle, BS1 4DZ , Bristol

Bring your laptop to the pub and work on whatever Clojure project you like in the company of like-minded people.

Bristol PHP Training: Mentoring session for unit testing with PHPUnit

Wednesday 1st June 2016 – 6:30pm

This is aimed at those who are just starting out writing unit tests using PHPUnit.
If you’ve started writing tests but still feel a bit lost about the best approach to take or how best to write tests then this will be of interest to you.
The session will be a practical session where you’ll be working in pairs to tackle various unit testing exercises. We’ll be mixing the pairs up throughout the evening so you’ll get to work with different people on different coding problems as the evening progresses.
You’ll need to bring a laptop with PHPUnit already installed. Spaces are limited to 6-8 participants.

Flag & Bell IT Pub Crawl Bath: For Techies and Entrepreneurs

Wednesday 1st June 2016 – 7:00pmThe Bell Inn, Walcot Street, Bath

Meet in the beergarden of The Bell Inn on Walcot St. Keep an eye out for the flag!

BathSPARK: Coffee and Networking at the Hub

Thursday 2nd June 2016 – 10:30amThe Guild Coworking Hub, High Street, Bath, BA1 5EB

The drop in coffee mornings are a very informal networking forum, where you can come along and meet others who work in Tech in the region.
Whether you’ve just moved your business to the area and would like to build your network, or if you’re well established in the region; do feel free to pop down, have a coffee courtesy of those lovely people at the Guild Coworking Hub, and also a friendly chat.
The forum is there to connect people, spark ideas, and create introductions. At the very least the BathSPARK team will be there to have a chat and help connect you to the right people!
It’s also an opportunity for you to share ideas with the team for events and articles you’d like to see come to fruition over the coming few months.

Bristech: ‘Unikernels’ & ‘Analysing Particle Collision Data’

Thursday 2nd June 2016 – 7:00pmBristol Engine Shed @ Temple Meads, BS1 6QH, Bristol

Daniel Drozdzewski – Unikernels
Containers have been around for decades. The ascent of Docker in the last few years brought them into glory, yet it is still 10s to 100s of megabytes to run the simplest Java applications. As a result the arms race to create the smallest possible containers for a given technology has started. However, we still often end up running our containerised applications alongside code supporting ancient devices and file systems. Unikernels are (hopefully!) the next step in the direction taken by containers. The hype machine has started and we already call them Containers 2.0, Immutable Containers, Containers on Steroids. In this talk Daniel will try to talk about the main advantages and biggest pains caused by Unikernels.
Luke Kreczko – Analysing Particle Collision Data
In this talk Luke will give an overview of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment and Bristol’s involvement. Next, he will explain his data sources and the questions he is trying to answer with the data. Finally, he will give brief examples of three analysis types (rate determination & shape analysis and searches) to explain the analysis techniques.

Bristol Unreal Devs: State machine driven characters in UE4

Thursday 2nd June 2016 – 7:00pm

A talk on state machines, and how they can help you build complex character behaviours in UE4.Topics covered will include a conceptual overview, potential implementations, real-world examples, Q&A, and an interactive session in which Josh will build a state-driven character in blueprint with input from the audience.

Bristol Digital Analytics: Measure Bowling in Bristol

Thursday 2nd June 2016 – 7:30pmHollywood Bowl , Avonmeads St Philips Marsh, Bristol

Join the group for Measure Bowling in Bristol on Thurs 6th at 7:30pm.
Two games of bowling, first game is warmup and the second game is the competition. It’s a great chance to mingle with other Digital Analysts.

Women’s Tech Hub Bristol: Free Three Friday

Friday 3rd June 2016 – 10:00am

Women’s Tech Hub Bristol are very pleased to announce that Desklodge Bristol are offering free hot-desking to twenty of our members. So if you are a woman working in the tech industry, or interested in working in tech, come and join in!
Desklodge Bristol is a brilliant, bright, accessible building in central Bristol with wifi, a range of interesting workspaces and free coffee to boot and 20 lucky women members can go along and try it out.
The Free Three hour Fridays will run from 10am-1pm in a reserved area so that you can work alongside other members of Women’s Tech Hub. We will also include an 11am coffee break for networking, where we can share info about tech-related jobs, training and other interesting news.
* There may be biscuits!
This is a women only activity – however desklodge do also support men so if you want to get in touch speak to Thanh or Jamie on masked and they’ll show you around and explain how it works (they’ll even throw in a couple of free days to trial it)

CodeHub Bristol: Hack Night

Tuesday 7th June 2016 – 6:00pmMomentum Financial Technology office, 10 Temple Back, Bristol

This is a chance for developers in Bristol to get together in an informal social setting to work on projects, learn, and share with other developers.
The group has a great space at Momentum Financial Technology’s new office (near Temple Meads) with plenty of power outlets, good wifi, and table football and table tennis games. Food and drinks are provided! Bring you laptop.
If you have an idea of what you will be working on, or if you want help with something, feel free to mention it in the comments.

Bristol WordPress People: Collaboration Night – User Testing Swap Shop + Support Bar

Tuesday 7th June 2016 – 6:30pmFamous Royal Navy Volunteer, 17-18 King Street, Bristol BS1 4EF

Everyone’s skills and insights are welcome at this meeting, no experience necessary (and may be a bonus)! Join in at June’s meeting where you will undoubtably learn something new by sharing with others.
There will be two parts to this:
User Testing Swap-Shop.
Bring a project and have others test it out and give constructive feedback on usability, design, functionality – as a user you’ll get to prod and poke what other people have made, get to ask them questions about it, be inspired and get ideas for your own work.
Support Bar.
Bring your WordPress, PHP, hosting, project management, or business questions and there’s bound to be someone who can help!

PHPSW: Tips and Tricks

Wednesday 8th June 2016 – 6:30pmBaseKit, 5th Floor, One Castlepark, Tower Hill, Bristol, BS2 0JA

In June PHPSW is hosting a night of Tips and Tricks with lightening talks from many speakers, including….
Tips on PHP tools, Windows and Git – Doug Fitzmaurice
Tips and tricks for tools: Amiss, King, XDebug, ConEmu, Kitty and lots of Git related goodies (Power Prompt, rebase -i, share alias and many more).
Zend Apigility – Jan Franciszek Kowalski
Zend Apigility it the world’s easiest way to create high quality APIs. Find out how in this Lightening talk.

South West Founders Meetup

Wednesday 8th June 2016 – 7:00pmWatershed, Canon’s Rd, Bristol

South West Founders is a monthly meet-up for people based in the South-West who have been, are, or want to be tech start-up founders.
They welcome entrepreneurs and tech investors with open arms, but discourage freelancers, consultants, lawyers and other service providers unless they have a genuine interest in founding or mentoring start-up businesses. There is a strict ‘no selling’ rule at the event.
The format of the meet-up is very casual. Turn up, sign in and get a name badge which will tell everybody who you are and what you’ve come for. The badge also has one other important purpose – it will get you free drinks at the bar.

ORG Bristol: Free Screening of ‘The Haystack’, followed by Q&A

Wednesday 8th June 2016 – 7:00pmWills memorial building, University of Bristol Park Street Bristol BS8 1RJ, Bristol

ORG Bristol are linking up with ORG London to show the Scenes of Reason documentary ‘The Haystack,’ a film which examines surveillance in Britain today, particularly in light of the debates in Parliament surrounding the Investigatory Powers Bill. Please join in for what should be a fascinating exploration of a controversial and hotly-debated subject.

Bath Ruby: Hangout

Thursday 9th June 2016 – 6:30pmPicnic Coffee, 9 Saracen Street, Bath, BA1 5BR

Bath Ruby Hangouts are bi-weekly, agenda-free get togethers in Picnic Coffee shop, bring your laptop and pair on a problem you’ve been having or just come along to chat about ruby, rails or anything really with other local ruby people. Picnic have upgraded their wifi especially for us and will be reserving some tables with power, everything you need for a relaxed evening with some very good teas, coffees, beers and cakes.

SWUX: The UX of Customer Relationships

Tuesday 14th June 2016 – 6:45pmThe Real Adventure, One Glass Wharf, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS2 0EL , Bristol

James Reece (Senior User Experience Specialist at The Real Adventure Unlimited) will explore the importance of nurturing long-term relationships between people and organisations. He will show how a long-term approach to customer experience can give great outcomes for both users and businesses.

South West Data Social

Tuesday 14th June 2016 – 7:00pmThe Watershed, 1 Canon’s Road, Bristol

The South West Data social is an informal evening for those involved in using, learning about or discovering data technologies to meet and network.
The social takes place on the second Tuesday of every month at the Watershed.

Techie Brekkie: Apps – Your Minimum Viable Product

Wednesday 15th June 2016 – 8:15amThe Guild Coworking Hub, High Street, Bath, BA1 5EB

Minimum Viable Product, Minimum Loveable Product, Prototype, First draft, whatever you call it, your application has to start somewhere.
The biggest misconception around the MVP is probably around its essence. What should it contain?
Your MVP is not a scaled down / affordable version of your fully featured app! It’s there to determine if your idea is viable or not. For example, “Does you idea solve a problem that people are willing to pay for?”
Perhaps you’re new to the world of building apps and are looking for some insight, maybe you’re about to build your first app or perhaps you’ve built a few already and would like to contribute to the discussion – this brekkie will be a great opportunity for all abilities to share their experiences and learn something new.
Kicking things off with a short talk, will be app expert and Technical Director, Cookies’ very own Nicholas Alpi. This will be followed by a facilitated discussion / Q&A.

TechSPARK Bristol: Morning Coffee and Networking

Thursday 16th June 2016 – 10:30amBeatroot Cafe, 20-21 Lower Park Row, Bristol

Following on from the success of BathSPARK’s Coffee and Networking meetups at the Guild Coworking Hub, we’re pleased to be bringing them to Bristol’s Beatroot Cafe this summer!
The drop in coffee mornings are a very informal networking forum, where you can come along and meet others who work in tech in the region. Whether you’ve just moved your business to the area and would like to build your network, or if you’re well established in the region; do feel free to pop down, have a coffee, and a friendly chat.
The SPARK way
To ensure that these events are enjoyable and valuable, there are some rules: (1) you can only attend an event if you are a member of the TechSPARK group, (2) absolutely no selling – TechSPARK is about forging relationships and sparking ideas, not about selling, and (3) if you have a ticket confirmed but can no longer make it, you must change your RSVP to let someone else on the waiting list attend – this ensures that as many people turn up on the night as possible.

Bath Elixir Hangout

Thursday 16th June 2016 – 6:30pmPicnic Coffee, 9 Saracen Street, Bath, BA1 5BR

Bath Elixir Hangouts are regular, agenda-free get togethers in Picnic Coffee shop, bring your laptop and pair on a problem you’ve been having or just come along to chat about Elixir, Phoenix, Erlang or anything really with other local Elixir people.

DOTNET South West: Getting started with Aurelia

Thursday 16th June 2016 – 6:30pmJUSTEAT Technology, Broad Quay House, Broad Quay, Bristol, BS1 4DJ, Bristol

Lighting Talk: What’s F# all about, and how you can get involved by Stuart Lang
Featured Talk: Getting started with Aurelia by Sean Hunter
We hear about a new JavaScript framework being created every other day. With the sheer volume of new tools to learn it can be difficult to decide what is worthwhile spending time on, what is a short lived fad, and how the new tools fit into our existing toolset.
Over the past year we’ve seen a trend toward creating single page web applications as a collection of modular components. AngularJS was the first framework to really formalise this concept, with ReactJS taking the concept further to really make it a first class citizen. Aurelia provides a convenient set of conventions and tools, making it straight forward to build web applications in this way, while also providing a standard set of plugins for things like routing and validation that save us a lot of time when creating large scale applications.
In this session, you’ll take a deep dive into what Aurelia is, where it fits into the SPA framework landscape, and why it might be a useful tool to add to your web development tool-belt.

Bristol Web Performance: These go to 11 – ‘Proxy Wars’ & Responsive Images

Thursday 16th June 2016 – 7:00pmcxpartners, 2 College Square, Bristol

George Crawford – “Proxy Wars: The Battle For Your Content”
We’re seeing an important shift in the world of web publishing, and it’s driven in part by performance. As web pages become heavier and more complex, and as the public demand a broader spectrum of sources for their news, internet giants such as Facebook, Google and Apple have seen an opportunity to step in. In return for the promise of an immersive, tailor-made and lightening fast web experience, they offer to promote, curate and host your content for you. But who’s winning here, and at what cost?
Bruce Lawson – “Responsive Images and Performance”

SWMobile: June Talk Night – What’s New in Mobile

Tuesday 21st June 2016 – 6:30pm

With both Google I/O and WWDC taking place over the next month, June’s meetup seems like the perfect time to review all the shiny new things. As usual, we’ll have a selection of top notch talks, followed by socialising at a nearby watering hole.
Location and speakers TBC!
What will iOS 10 (or perhaps iOS X?) have in store for us? How long will we have to spend fixing our apps to be Swift 3 compatible?
Google could bring us some interesting new platforms: Android VR, Project Tango, and Google Chirp (a potential Alexa competitor)
Will Android N get a sweet new name?
Only time will tell what improvements we’ll see to Android Wear and Apple Watch

ACCU Bristol: “A Replay Approach to Software Validation Using C++11 Regexes”

Wednesday 22nd June 2016 – 7:00pmBristol Marriott Hotel City Centre, 2 Lower Castle Street, Bristol

This talk presents the design and implementation of a ‘Replay Tool’ and shows how replaying output files as input stimuli can be an effective, low-cost means of software validation. Replays offer a number of benefits, including: deterministically detecting and recreating bugs, creating pertinent and pathological test-cases, increasing the accuracy of bug triage teams and enabling real-time remote pair debugging.
As a running example, James Pascoe presents his own implementation, namely, the ‘Hardware Composer Replay Tool’. In an Android system, the Hardware Composer (HWC) is the piece of software that interfaces the Android graphics stack to the vendor specific hardware. The Intel HWC implements a complex asynchronous state-machine that combines heuristics and monitoring into a service that is optimised for power. Validating the HWC is challenging and so the replay tool provides a means of rigorously reasoning about its correctness.
This presentation takes a pragmatic focus and will equip members of the audience with the insight required to implement their own tools. James provides a technical description of the Intel Hardware Composer Replay Tool, a brief explanation of the Android Graphics Stack and a tutorial on the use of C++11 Regular Expressions.

South West Cloud: Testing & virtualisation

Thursday 23rd June 2016 – 6:00pmDeskLodge Ltd, 5th Floor, 1 Temple Way, Bristol BS2 0BY, Bristol

Scaling test technologies within OpenStack Nova using virtualisation
Testers need a controlled large scale cloud environment with lots of compute nodes for scale testing – however, management can be reluctant to provide as much hardware as the testers would like. Nithya Ganesan and her team at HPE Bristol are are working on analyzing the performance of our control plane as they increase the compute load, and also want to be able to test the Openstack Nova scheduler as the number of compute hosts increase. In the absence of exclusive access to a large cluster, they have decided to use a virtualization approach. This talk will cover their approach and experience of using Linux containers and Rally.

Bristol Media Tuesday MeetUp

Tuesday 28th June 2016 – 6:15pmtotos wine bar, 125 Redcliffe Street, BS1 6HU, Bristol

In anticipation of some summer sun, the June MeetUp will be at Totos wine bar with beautiful views of the river. Keep your fingers crossed for a nice warm evening!
They’ll be in the upstairs bar from 6.15pm-8.30pm. Fully paid up Bristol Media members will receive a complimentary drink on arrival. All MeetUp members are welcome.

Bristol JS: “An Introduction to Service Worker” & “Let’s Talk About Web MIDI”

Wednesday 29th June 2016 – 7:00pmJust Eat, 2nd Floor Broad Quay House, Prince Street, BS1 4DJ, Bristol

Phil Nash – An Introduction to Service Worker
Service Workers are the biggest thing to hit the browser since XMLHttpRequest. We’ll take a look at what the Service Worker can do for your app and more importantly, your users. We’ll see the surprisingly small amount of code you need to get started with a Service Worker and finally we’ll take a look at Progressive Web Apps and how the Service Worker will take part in a revolution for web applications.
Ruth John – Let’s Talk About Web MIDI
Fresh off the stage from JSConf Uruguay, JSDay Verona and ScotlandJS, Ruth introduces us to an API which can be overlooked in web dev.
What do you think of when you hear ‘MIDI’, bad computer music? Websites playing annoying music when you land on them? Then let Ruth introduce and educate you into a new world of MIDI.
In this enticing and interactive presentation you’ll journey through the different MIDI specifications and look at other web APIs. From sound with General MIDI and the Web Audio API, to the MIDI Visual Control, timing projections with the Web Animation API and on to the latest MIDI BLE standard, what a better way to demo the Web Bluetooth API.
The web is getting hardware-ready and this talk is a great beginning to those APIs at our fingertips. Think you know MIDI – think again there’s so much more to it.

Photo by Kevin Curtis on Unsplash.com