The Logic Sandwich

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Last week we bought Bryony Thomas’ ] book Watertight Marketing: delivering long-term sales resultsWe bought it for 2 reasons: the first one is that we need to start thinking seriously about our marketing plan, and the second one is that we’ve known Bryony for some time and wanted to support her work.

So last Friday, I took a long lunch break at Mark’s Bread, ordered a coffee and a croissant and started reading the book. Because I’ve studied marketing at uni, I’m already familiar with many concepts in the book.

But something caught my attention and really got me thinking: the Logic Sandwich ].




The Logic Sandwich ] is pretty simple but very clever: when you want to sell your product or service, you need to get the buyer’s attention with emotion. Once they’re interested in what you’re saying, you lay out your logical arguments. It’s going to help them evaluate your proposition and choose you over your competition. You finish with a touch of emotion, because as Bryony rightly puts it, the buyer will choose you only if it “feels right”.

The following illustration was particularly enlightening for me:


When you think about it, it just makes sense. But I will definitely make sure I think about this pattern next time I’m trying to sell our services.

Another little thing which I found very interesting on this subject: “negative emotions are the most effective for initiating action” ]. You should instil fear or pain in order to make sure the buyer realises the need he has for your product or service. But don’t go too far. If you exaggerate, they won’t believe you and you’ll lose them. And offer them a relief immediately, a positive feeling which will make them feel good again and in the right mood to consider spending their money.

You can read more about Watertight Marketing ] on the dedicated website: or buy the book on Amazon.

Cartoon by Simon Ellinas of Cartoono. Illustration by Lizzie Everard