Another year has passed, in a whirlwind might I add, so it’s time to look back and write the traditional reflective post on the past 12 months. Lots has happened at CookiesHQ, let’s take a look!

Continued partnerships with longstanding clients

We’d like to start by thanking everyone who has trusted us for so many years to support and improve their web projects. It is an unbelievably gratifying feeling to be able to help them develop and achieve their business objectives, even after so many iterations, bug fixes and deploys.  So thank you to Gap Medics, Patternbank, The Filter, SmartCard and GreenPlantSwap.

Continued support to our amazing startups

Helping a small team to get their startup off the ground is also incredibly satisfying and we’re proud to support CardNest, Good Sixty, WarWire, Entertaina and Street2Boardroom on their journey. Some of them have just started, others have a bit more experience, but one thing is sure, they all like to come to us with new challenges and new ideas, which sure makes our daily work lives anything but boring!

And new clients

Finally we’re very grateful to everyone who has chosen to trust us and put their projects into our hands this year. From one-man bands to larger organisation, we really enjoyed getting to know them and starting building partnerships, which we hope will last for many years. So thank you to Shiken, mySociety, Médecins sans Frontières and CBL Insurance.

New team members too

The CookiesHQ team has also considerably grown over the past few months with the addition of 3 new team members! Joe is our new UX designer, Rebecca our new marketing assistant and Romaric our new front-end developer. We have had to push the walls of our little office a bit and we now buy coffee and milk in bulk, but we are very happy that they all decided to join us.

What else?

We hosted 2 Design Build Market events at the Engine Shed; we continue sponsoring South West Founders, a monthly gathering of tech entrepreneurs organised by TechSpark; Denis gave a great talk at Solidus Conf in London; Clayton Planter officially launched his initiative Street2Boardroom at Bristol City Hall and joined E-Spark, a business accelerator offering action-focused personalised programmes; Good Sixty were nominated finalist in the Crumbs Awards and CardNest were nominated finalist at the Top Drawer Paper Awards; Nic and I have taken part in Piranha Pits at E-Spark to help entrepreneurs on their journey to success. Quite a busy year indeed.

What’s next?

Well first we are all going to take a well-deserved Christmas break, because it looks like 2018 will start as 2017 is ending: busy, intense and exciting. We have many new and not-so-new projects lined up, as well as many more Design Build Market events to organise.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2018! 🥂

Photo by Lee