This month we welcomed three new members to the CookiesHQ team. These happy faces will be writing code, creating new content and squashing bugs for us. We chatted to them to find out what their secret skills are, what they’re bringing to the team – and why whales are the best animals.

Sarah Horner – Quality Assurance Tester

Sarah Horner

What did you do before CookiesHQ?

I was a test manager working for large financial services companies (even saying that sounds dull!).

What are you bringing to the team?

Years of experience in the field of software testing having qualified back in 2001. There have been many projects and many successes and some failures, all of which add to my rich experience.

What are you working on so far?

I’m testing a wide variety of projects for a diverse set of clients – no two hours are the same!

What excites you about CookiesHQ?

I can work flexibly, which gives me a healthy work/life balance. It’s nice to have the freedom to pick and choose where I work from, and its an energising team to work with.

Do you have any secret skills?

I’m actually a qualified Interior Designer – it’s my passion! Apart from completely redesigning my own house, I’ve spent a lot of time helping friends and family achieve their dream homes.

What do you eat for breakfast?

Just coffee and a banana – I’m not great with brekkie!

If you were an animal, what would you be?

A blue whale. They don’t have many predators and they can explore the ocean. I’d love to do more of that but I’m only qualified to dive to 30 meters.


James Reading – Junior Back End Developer

James Reading

What did you do before CookiesHQ?

I studied mechanical engineering at university and worked as an acoustic engineer for 8 months. Turns out it isn’t really for me, but it was there I discovered a passion for software.

What are you bringing to the team?

Enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn. I’ll bring a lot more once I’m all trained up!

What excites you about CookiesHQ?

I love working in small teams with people who are passionate about what they do. At CookiesHQ, I know I’m going to learn how to do things the right way.

What makes this a great place to work?

I have only been here a few days but have great vibes so far. I like how everyone is constantly trying to improve the way things are done.

What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy being outdoors, whether that’s camping out in the wilderness or sitting in a pub garden. When the weather’s not so great I cook or get stuck into a good TV series.

What’s the best place you’ve ever visited?

If I had to it would probably be Redwood National Park in the US. The trees are so awesomely huge – it feels like you’re in Jurassic Park!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

When I click my fingers the food I am craving most appears in front of me.


Ffion Lindsay – Content Manager

Ffion Lindsay

What did you do before CookiesHQ?

I was a freelance Content Specialist at a university and various government agencies. One of my first jobs was with a a startup though, and it’s nice to be back in tech.

What are you bringing to the team?

Word nerdery! I love the things most people hate – simplifying complex copy, playing with sentence construction, finding new ways to get an idea across.

What are you going to be working on here?

Everything content-related – web copy, blog posts and social media mostly.

What do you find appealing about CookiesHQ?

Working for a smaller business gives you freedom to take the initiative and try new things – I’m full of ideas and excited to get going.

What’s your favourite colour?

Pink, obviously! I like all the colours, except orange. Orange is rubbish.

What do you get excited about?

Cats, sci-fi, bellydancing, social issues, wild swimming, vegan junk food… I have a lot of obsessions!

Tell us a joke.

What’s the difference between a cat and a comma?

One has claws at the end of its paws and the other is a pause and the end of a clause.

Fancy working for CookiesHQ?

Keep an eye on this blog – all our future vacancies will be posted here.