Street2Boardroom is a Bristol-based initiative started last year by Clayton Planter, a social entrepreneur who has a successful track record working with young people and adults from disadvantaged backgrounds. His objective is to help young people who found themselves caught in illegal activities turn their life around and use their skills to start business ventures. They have access to a free course that covers a variety of business subjects, and personal mentoring.

Clayton approached us a few months ago, as he needed to establish a stronger web presence for his initiative, before he launched it officially. And because we believe that business is not just about business, and should also be about helping others, we built a web page for him and trained someone to manage it.

The launch event took place last month at Bristol City Hall with representatives from the council, the Prince’s Trust and many others.

We wish Clayton all the best and will continue to support him as much as we can with this wonderful initiative, which, we hope, will change lives, for the better.

Header photo: Bristol, Upfest 2016 by Giles Turnbull