We started working with Oli and David back in 2014. Originally, Card Nest was a greetings card subscription service. Over time, they grew, listened to their customers and after verifying a few hypothesis and securing investment, they got in touch with us last year to start working on Card Nest v2.

We worked hand in hand for several months, combining our technical expertise for the back-end, and their beautiful designs for the front-end. We launched the new website just before Christmas, and it is simply stunning!

“Because, a heartfelt note in the post is far more exciting
than a text message.”

Card Nest is now live!


What’s new?

Their most asked-for feature was the ability for the subscribers to select which cards they wanted to receive each month. So that’s exactly what we built: every subscriber can now customise their ‘nest’, simply by logging in and hand picking their favourite cards from the beautiful, carefully selected monthly collection. And if they don’t, well they will receive a surprise selection.

For more flexibility, they also introduced 2 subscription plans, so you can choose between 3 and 6 cards a month, to make sure you never run out of cards for special occasions.

The last addition is the online shop, where you will be able to find all the cards by your favourite artists 2 months after they were released to subscribers. Whatever the occasion, you are guaranteed to find the right card for it. It’s also worth noting that if you subscribe to the Big Nest plan, then you will benefit from a further 20% off all shop purchases!

Let's Party greetings card by Card Nest


What we learned

Listening to your customers is invaluable. Only a few weeks after the launch, almost all of Card Nest’s customers are already using the new functionality to customise their nests and hand pick their cards. This is the sign of a development well thought through and definitely positive!

We also learned that dedication and collaboration go a long way. We thoroughly enjoyed working with the Card Nest team. Helping a startup get their project off the ground is an incredibly exciting experience. As long as the communication is open and honest, and you all understand what you are trying to achieve, then you will succeed.

We’re very happy that Oli and David trusted us with their project and couldn’t be prouder of the result. We will continue to support them over the next few months and years to realise their ambitions. Congratulations guys and best of luck!

Congrats greeting card by Card Nest

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