September has been particularly busy for everyone at CookiesHQ, with lots of work for our lovely clients, a wonderful wedding and a little boy starting school. In the middle of this organised chaos, we sort of forgot to give a shout out to our two new team members. So, here it is – a warm welcome to Jess and Harry!

Jess is actually not that new. She started with us at the end of June and is our Content Manager. She’s behind most of the blog posts, interviews and tweets we have published lately and is doing a grand job! She has finally brought some sanity (and a much needed publishing calendar!) to the team. As well as this, she’s also been busy interviewing a lot of our clients in preparation for a refreshed version of our portfolio.

Outside of CookiesHQ, she loves comic books, gaming and sci-fi, critiquing films and experimenting in the kitchen. I’ve also been told that she’s currently working on a novel, but none of us has been allowed to read any of it yet…

Jess Gurr

Harry, on the other hand, has only been with us for a few weeks. He’s an experienced Back-End Developer who wants to make Ruby on Rails his programming language of choice – our kind of guy! He works remotely from Yeovil, Somerset and has gotten stuck in on a couple of different projects straight away.

Apart from coding, he also enjoys reading, travelling, politics and spending time with his wife and their chocolate Labrador, Monster (who makes a regular appearance on video chat!).

Harry Llewelyn

So, from all of us here at CookiesHQ, a warm welcome to both of you! We can’t wait to share the love, passion and craziness that makes this team so special 🙂

Image by Bob Duran