Technical expertise to help your team get ahead

When the backlog is building, technical debt is demanding payback or there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get ahead on your project, we can help you.

We offer expert Ruby on Rails consultancy and support. Or, our team can integrate seamlessly and work hand-in-hand alongside your team, using the same tools and technologies to help you get it all done and meet those deadlines.

We also like to leave the place tidy! When our work is done, we will make sure your team has full handover and relevant documentation.

Support for your team, success for your project

Let's take your project to the next level

We’re always learning and always pushing ourselves to deliver better products for our clients. Exploring new working practices, new technologies and self-development opportunities helps us stay at the top of our game, and continually benefits the companies we work with.

Take advantage of our expertise with our Ruby on Rails consultancy covering these areas:

  • Ruby on Rails app upgrades
  • Ruby on Rails, React, Ionic development
  • Guidance on scaling your project to achieve business goals
  • Code audits
  • Prioritisation and implementation of updates

We can consult with you on your project to help you take it to the next level and achieve those business goals.

“Working with the team has been a great experience. The process was well defined, communication was great both ways, and the deliverables were just as expected. Our clients are already seeing great insights using our custom analytics dashboard display and it’s enabled us to communicate our value much more effectively. ”

- Neil Andrassy, CTO at The Filter
Hire us to move your project forward

Collaboration to clear that backlog

When we join your team to help you with backlog feature development, we bring top technical expertise as well as a fresh perspective. We can work with you on your prioritised features, checking things off as we move through the list.

Ideally, our team will be part of your daily standup, participate in pair programming sessions and generally make you feel we’ve always been there.

Plus, we’re never judgemental. We understand that past decisions might have been made under difficult circumstances. Hindsight is a beautiful thing, and maybe things could have been done differently, but we’re more interested in looking ahead. We focus on how we can help you move forward, and take pragmatic steps to make your product a success.


“CookiesHQ is collaborative, detailed and technically experienced.”

- Lawrence Montgomery, Director at Rough Trade
Need a helping hand with performance optimisation?

Is your app or website slowing you down?

Premature optimisation might be root of all evil, but pulling back the right optimisation strategy once your app or website starts to feel sluggish can be difficult.

Difficult, but by no means impossible. You can engage with our team to:

  • Conduct performance assessment of your backend and front end code
  • Draw up, with your team, an action plan for the top priorities and quick wins
  • Action each item on the plan and work through the fixes one-by-one
  • Develop and handover a strategy with your team that will keep things fast and clean as you grow.

Again, we aren’t interested in judging previous coding decisions and take a pragmatic approach to driving your project forward. We will integrate seamlessly with your team and hold knowledge sharing sessions as part of our engagement.

we (unfortunately) can't do it all

Our specialisms

Rather than taking a ‘do-it-all’ approach, we’ve dedicated ourselves to mastering a select few technologies.

We’re a team of polyglot developers, with rich core expertise in Ruby on Rails, WordPress and JavaScript app development and can deliver the peace of mind that comes with knowing your tech is in expert hands. Leaving you free to focus on growing your business!

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    Ruby on Rails

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    Ionic Framework

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    User Experience & SEO

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    Voice-controlled apps
    (Alexa & Google Home)

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    Progressive Web Apps


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