Tech for Good funding and support

Tech for Good has many definitions. We like to think of it as a business that:

  • Makes awesome tech products that address social, economic and environmental challenges.
  • Brings together people on a community or international level.
  • Builds tech in a collaborative, user-centric way with a strong ethos and ethics.

One thing is for sure: we need more Tech for Good companies!

We published an open-source excel document which showed various sources of support and funding for Tech for Good companies. If you would like to add to the list, you can find the document here which is available to edit.

Funding services

Acumen[email protected]

Bethnal Green Ventures[email protected]

Big Issue

Big Society Capital

Bridges[email protected]

Bristol City Funds[email protected]

Clearly So[email protected]

Comic Relief / Tech for Good funding programme

Culture Investment Fund

Emerge Education[email protected]

Fair by Design[email protected]

Impact Ventures[email protected]

Investing for Good[email protected]

Mustard Seed[email protected]

Nesta[email protected]

Nominet[email protected]

Paul Hamlyn Foundation[email protected]

Quartet Community Foundation[email protected]

Social Trust[email protected]

Sustainable Ventures[email protected]

The Conduit[email protected]

The National Lottery Community Fund- Digital [email protected]


Support services

CAST[email protected]

Charity Digital

Impact Hub[email protected]

Microsoft AI for Good[email protected]

Tech for Good Live[email protected]

Tech Nation[email protected]

Zinc[email protected]


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