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Between lockdowns, homeschooling, Zoom meetings and Slack pings – finding time to really focus on growing your business, or consume that bit of content that had caught your eye, isn’t easy these days.

So, we’ve reformatted the Smart Cookies events for the era of social distancing.

We’ve invited experts to host short, sharp, go-getter sessions every other Friday morning – providing you with top quality content and tips that you can start implementing that very day.

Whether you’re a tech professional, an entrepreneur, freelancer or student, there will be something for you. It’s a great opportunity to learn something new, make connections and join a community of smart cookies. Check out our upcoming sessions →

Outsourcing app development

7 costly mistakes to avoid when someone else is building your app

We’ve been building and scaling products for other people since 2011, and Nic has been at the heart of every one of those relationships. It’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about what’s really required to make a project a success, or how to spot the signs of a build going off the rails. He took us through the 7 most costly mistakes business owners make when they’re outsourcing app development, and how you can avoid them.
create better content in way that connects

How to get your message across in a way that connects

Author, coach and all-round content superstar Sonja Nisson shared her top tips on getting your message across in a way that connects. Sonja has been helping experts to unlock, shape and communicate their ideas for over 20 years. She spoke all about the role of trust, the curse of knowledge, the value of listening and the surprising secrets to creating valuable content that connects.
SEO tips and tricks

Tips, tricks and tools to help you master the ART of SEO

SEO wizard Jon Payne (Technical Director – Noisy Little Monkey) shared his top tips on mastering the ART of SEO. ART stands for Architecture, Relevance and Tech. He took us through how your website’s architecture should be optimised, the process you can follow to make your content super relevant to your potential customer when they search, and how to check and improve your tech stack to ensure Google loves your site.
Tech recruitment: The good the bad and the ugly next to a picture of Iain Blair

Recruiting in tech: the good, the bad and the ugly

Iain Blair (MD – Revoco) shared the good the bad and the ugly of tech recruitment from 25 years in the business. There is very little Iain hasn’t seen in the tech talent world – his experience in agency recruitment and in running in-house (outsourced) talent functions has given him the full spectrum of what success looks like. He offered up a snapshot of how to successfully attract and hire talent in 2021 and some simple do’s and don’ts.
Make better product strategy decisions

How to make better product decisions

Product management coach Joe Leech shared his top tips on how to make successful product decisions learned from interviewing product leaders from around the world, including WordPress,, YouTube, Monzo and Spotify asking them how they make the choices they do.
Rin Hamburgh How to be seen as an expert

How to be seen as an expert

Rin Hamburgh (founder of award-winning copywriting agency Rin Hamburgh & Co) looked at 7 types of content industry experts create and share to build their business reputation, and shared her top tips on how to be seen as an expert.
Picture of Tim Morgan next to text: "early stage startup investments Q&A"

Investing in startups - Q&A

Seasoned investor and Founder of SouthWesternVC Tim Morgan answered audience questions relating to the world of VC investments. We learnt about the difference between Business Angels and VCs, how much your 5-year plan really matters and what investors are looking for from startups.
Romaric next to text: Accessibility - It takes everyone to build for everyone

Accessibility: It takes everyone to build for everyone

CookiesHQ Tech Lead and accessibility champion Romaric Pascal offers an overview of what accessibility means for web development and how it involves the whole team – from developers to stakeholders, through project managers, designers, content creators, marketer and testers… He gives specific examples of what to look for in each of those domains to help start improving your site or app accessibility right away.
How to become an investable entrepreneur

How to become an Investable Entrepreneur

For many entrepreneurs, their dreams are limited by the cash they have available to build, implement and scale their idea. By understanding how to stack the odds in your favour – you will be able to secure the capital needed to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams. James Church is the author of Investable Entrepreneur: How to convince investors your business is the one to back, and co-founder and COO of Robot Mascot, the UKs leading pitch agency.
Chris Goodfellow: boost brand engagement through content marketing

How to use content marketing to build brand engagement

Content marketing creates conversations and helps build communities. It plays a crucial step in today’s sales funnel. In this Smart Cookies session, Inkwell founder Chris shares his tips on developing a content marketing strategy, from brainstorming ideas and planning different types of content to marketing and SEO.
How to develop company culture and values

How to develop company culture and values

Everyone wants to build a strong, resilient and productive company. In doing that, it’s essential that leaders actively plan, grow and protect a culture that attracts and motivates people to be their best selves. And that those people will work together as a highly effective team in the pursuit of your goals. A culture that truly embodies the vision and principles of the founders. In this session, Sarah took us through the first few stages of their ‘Rocko Rocket’ – a framework for building great companies, teams and cultures.
PR strategy made easy

How to develop a PR strategy

You know your business is up to exciting things, but how do you tell the world about it? From writing press releases to developing contact relationships, the world of PR can seem overwhelming if you’re not sure where to start. In this Smart Cookies session, Mel Beeby Clarke serves up an easy-to-digest breakdown of what a PR strategy is, how to build one and why it’s worth having.
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