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Greeting card e-commerce and subscription app. Visually stunning on the outside, seriously techy on the inside.

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Bringing people together with beautiful design

The idea for Card Nest came about after some heartfelt post brought the co-founders together. In a pre-text message and Facebook era, David Robinson anxiously declared his affection for Oli Gosling in a Valentine’s Day card, and was delighted to discover the feeling was mutual. Fast forward a few years and Card Nest was born out of the couple’s continued love for illustration and contemporary design, and the joy that comes from sending and receiving unexpected post.

The idea is simple – Card Nest sends a batch of beautiful curated cards every month, so you always have a handful of designs to choose from when the need arises.

David, Oli and the rest of the Card Nest team collaborate with talented artists from all over the world to produce contemporary greeting cards that bring joy to both sender and recipient.  They aim to raise a smile with each and every design.

Card Nest lets party card
Card Nest refer a friend gift and card
Card Nest Merry Christmas card

“Cookies have been with us through each and every iteration of our product for over four years. The advice and expertise they continue to provide has been a fundamental part of us reaching where we are today.

Our website has been rock solid and stable from day one allowing us confidently focus our efforts on growth. Expertly knowledgeable, logical and fun to work with, I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

- Oliver Gosling, Co-founder and CEO of Card Nest

Building a trusting relationship

Having run a professional design agency, founders David and Oli had the branding side of the  Card Nest site under control. But they needed someone to tackle the Ruby-side of their web application. 

Card Nest found themselves without any development support and a deadline looming. They needed to find a team to work on the project, and quickly!

Oli and David liked the fact that we were local, approachable and could get the work done on time. They appreciated our guidance and honesty about what would work and what wouldn’t. We’re very happy that Oli and David entrusted their project to us and that we could help them save money and get results.

An ongoing partnership

Since partnering with Card Nest, we have supported them to bring in many new features and services:

October 2014 – launched Card Nest version one.

January 2017 – launched version two, which included subscription plans, customisation options and an online shop.

February 2019 – implemented a full site redesign and added new subscription options.

We hope to work with Card Nest and help them realise their ambitions for many years to come.

Technologies used: Solidus E-Commerce, Heroku, Stripe

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