An application which enables producers to plan, write and deliver interactive stories with ease and without coding.

MVP platform to help filmmakers produce interactive storyboards to communicate their non-linear creative vision.

Understanding the creative problem

The rise in popularity of interactive filmmaking highlighted the difficulties creatives faced with planning and executing their ideas for this type of non-linear storytelling.  Despite the huge latent demand for interactive films, there is an equally huge blocker to their supply. The planning process is difficult, technical, complicated and expensive.

Having recently released its hit interactive film ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’, Netflix showed that the results could be fantastic. However, the journey to release was anything but smooth sailing:

“If we’d known how difficult it was going to be, we might not have done it.” – Black Mirror executive, Annabel Jones.

To achieve their creative vision, teams often have to cobble together many different tools that simply aren’t designed for creative producers in mind. It’s now become more important than ever to arm creative producers with the right tools to excel. That’s where the idea for came in.

Stornaway mapping
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“CookiesHQ have been such an important partner to Stornaway. They stood out for their communication, understanding and approach to the project. We instantly knew they were different. CookiesHQ consistently went above and beyond, providing excellent advice, experience and creativity to make Stornaway better.”

- Rupert Howe, Co-founder of
Ru howe

Working together

Founded by two industry experts, was born out of this frustration with a lack of creative tools for interactive filmmaking. With extensive background experience in the TV, film and creative industries, Rupert Howe and his co-founder, Kate Dimbleby knew first hand the kind of struggles these productions faced. They were looking for a team who understood their requirements and could offer a technical solution based on research and knowledge.

Following an exciting discovery workshop, we quickly realised that we all had a combined passion for The creatively-focused end-to-end vision was innovative; with a different business model to anything else on the market and the chance to work on a technically interesting product was exciting.

We’re excited to announce that together we have created the product – watch this space!

Technologies used: Heroku, Hubspot, Ruby on Rails, WordPress, RappidJS, JointJS, VideoJS

“Cookies provide everything you would want from an in house team whilst enabling the flexibility of a remote one. The warmth and ease of communication with all the team members made what could have been a very stressful experience, actually enjoyable.  We are hoping to continue working with them as we grow.”

- Kate Dimbleby, Co-founder of
Kate Dimbleby

A lasting partnership

Here’s the latest from our blog on our continuing work with

May 2020 – launched the app and the CookiesHQ team had a go at making our own interactive story.

May 2021 – celebrating one year since launched 🎉

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