All 3 of us, Zac, Nic and I, spend a lot of time browsing the web. It’s part of our job I guess. Stay up-to-date with new web apps, new technologies and new lolcat videos. Not everything is always interesting and worth remembering, but we feel that some of this stuff deserves to be shared with a wider audience.

So every Friday we’re going to share 1 story each. It could be anything, from web development to design, from project management to a crazy Lego construction.

We’ll call this our Friday Post.

Here’s what we have for you this week:

Superbly well made website, think makezine meets boy scouts.  The primary audience is children (together with parents) however there is popular demand for an adult version to which DIY have hinted it could be coming! Keep tuned @DIY



css tube mapNic: CSS tube map

Impressive use of CSS creating a CSS Tube map by @johngalantini85. I love the attention to details and can’t imagine the amount of work spent doing it.



parent projectNat: the Parent Project

Elizabeth, author of the blog ‘A girl’s guide to project management’ started this project when she had her son Jack last February. Every month she writes a post about the similarities between parenthood and project management.
This month she talks about time management and choosing the right tools for the project. As a young mum myself I can obviously relate to all the topics. I also find the comparisons interesting and quite clever.