3 brilliant things we’ve seen on the web this week…

Zac: rawgithub.com

rawgithubThis allows you to quickly demo a website you’ve pushed to GitHub.

It’s is a simple little project that just might make someones day a bit easier, haven’t had to use it yet but definitely added to my toolbox!



Nic: jVectorMap

jvectormapVector maps for your data visualization. No flash or plugin needed here, only CSS and Javascript are used to render those maps. Combine that with your data, and you have a very light but powerful way to display information.

Checkout the results of the French elections for example  or something a bit more funky like this mall map. 


Nat: Snowflake the albino gorilla

snowflake10 after he died, scientists have finally discovered the reasons behind Snowflake’s rare skin pigmentation: incest. A niece probably mated with her uncle and gave birth to an albino gorilla.

Why did I choose this? Just because I like the random science and wildlife news…