This week we welcome a new contributor: Nik, designer, who started working with us on a few things. So welcome Nik!


Nik: Jony Ive redesign things

jony_ive_tumblrWhat with the recent hoo-ha about the new iOS7 design, I couldn’t help but giggle at this Tumblr set up with other things Jony Ive could have redesigned with garish colours and gradients.

The Microsoft logo redesign is actually alright 🙂




Zac: Google Trends visualisation

google_trendsCute visualisation of Google Trends.

If you haven’t looked at the rest of Google Trends before be sure to check it out, always interesting and informative.




Nic: Pica Pic, retro handheld gaming emulator

picakongWe all need some Friday fun! So make yourself a tea and load Pica Pic the retro handheld gaming emulator.

You will be able to play with your childhood ‘consoles’ in your browser. Fantastic!




NatAcademics at Oxford University pay to be cryogenically preserved


3 senior staff at Oxford University have paid to be frozen after death and brought back to life in the future. Although I probably wouldn’t do it myself, I admire their belief in technological advances and am quite intrigued to imagine what it could be like if it actually happened. What I’m not too sure about is that some of them paid to have only their head frozen. Not sure this decapitation thing does it for me…

Photo by ex_magician on Flickr