Zac is on holiday this week, so we have only 2 stories to share today. But it’s 2 good ones!


Nic: Tips to survive a founders marriage

foundersmarriageIt is not easy to work with your spouse. Even harder to build a company with him/her. But when you find the right balance it can be a really sweet way to enjoy the fruit of your labour.

I’ve worked with Nathalie for more than 2 years now, and even if it’s hard sometimes, I would never go back for anything else. This article from Inc magazine describes really well what to expect from each other and how to make it work.



Nat: In Norway, a town installs a fake sun

sunnorwayA town in Norway surrounded by mountains lives in the shadows for 5 months. Not a single ray of light during the whole winter, making it a dreary place to live. So engineers came up with a clever solution, called the Mirror Project: installing gigantic mirrors on the mountains to reflect the sunlight and give the residents a bright spot in their town.

An ingenious way of making people happier.