Friday Post #15

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With Nic and Nathalie being away on holiday the responsibility of writing the Friday Post is mine.  However, thanks to their dedication to this weekly post they have both sent me links to share with you all today!


handstandNic: What happens when you sit at a desk for 13 years – and actually exercise by Dean Jones

Exercise is good for your body health and mental health we all know it but don’t do it enough unfortunately. I guess we are lucky to have a gym round the corner of the office.




551962_277391015699562_368271001_n Nat: 90 Day Challenge

September is like another January, time to make fresh resolutions after the summer holidays. For me it’s all about exercising more. So I’m going to do the 90 day challenge by Bikini Body Mommy. Every day she’ll post a new workout on Facebook, starting September 2nd. Ready, go!




steelcityruby Zac: Developers and Depression by Greg Baugues at Steel City Ruby

A brilliant talk that definitely hit home for me.  Brings up a lot of things that just being aware of could really help someone.