Friday Post #16

By September 13, 2013 No Comments

September has started in full swing here at Cookies HQ! We’ve started on a brand new project that sounds like a lot of fun. We’re also cooking up another project of our own that will soon be revealed, and thinking about revamping our website so it reflects more who we are and what we do.

That said, we still take the time to browse the web and read interesting stuff. Here’s what we found this week:


Nic: The mistake smart people make

3956295074_fe6248539aBeing in motion vs taking action.

I love BufferApp’s blog. It’s a source of very well written and well thought articles. This should resonate in the minds of a lot of people who think that they are moving when in fact they are just turning the same problems around again and again.

A good read!


Nat: 7 simple A/B tests that can increase conversions

Cute boy is making science experiments in a laboratory. is always a good source for SEO tips, online marketing and social media. The articles are clear, interesting and easy to read.

For today, I chose one about A/B testing and how it can increase your all important conversion rates.

Next step: implement what you’ve just read and start measuring results.



Zac: Flat and thin are in

geckoboard_miniHow peoples design expectations have changed, a detailed look into the current phase of flat and minimalistic design choices.

Definitely a fan of how Geckoboard and most of the other example applications look.