Friday Post #5

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From the Cookies HQ team this week: Facebook psychology, a Kickstarter gaming project, Legos and Seth Godin’s good words.


Nik: How Facebook is altering your mind

Facebook-cokeInteresting article about the psychology behind how we use Facebook, the emotional responses we have because of Facebook, web addicts and how our minds are changing because of social media mind feeding.

For me, I want to get rid of my Facebook account, but I’m afraid I might miss something!




Zac: Omni, Move naturally in your favourite game


Finally looks like home virtual reality is making some progress after being the ‘next big thing’ for way too long.

The Oculus Rift and its following is unarguably the driving force at the moment.  The Omni looks like a really interesting project and definitely takes household VR a step forward, I love the innovation and the concept would make for a great DIY project too.



Nic: Lego movie!

The_Lego_Movie_posterProbably the best news of this whole week! Warner and Lego teamed to create an official Lego film. Judging by the trailer it will be fun and really well made!

Watch the trailer on Youtube




Nat: Angry is a habit

angry-catI read Seth Godin’s blog regularly. His posts are usually quite short and philosophical but not boring. They make you think about work, life, all the things that you don’t take time to reflect on and probably should think about more often.

This week I read about how emotions, just like actions, are habits. If you feel low, disheartened, frustrated, make the effort to change your mindset. Think positive and you will soon start feeling a lot better! Tried and tested – I’m now in a motivated/happy mood 🙂

Photo: angry cat by Tambako on Flickr