Nathalie is feeling poorly today, so I will continue the tradition of our Friday post for this week.

What we found on the web this week:

SmartphoneNic: 1 in 10 Americans use smartphones during sex

You have to admit this research was conducted to make a great headline. But more importantly I find it very dangerous how our devices can get in the way of our day to day interaction. People being present here and now are far more important that what’s happening on Facebook or Twitter.




seagull on a plateNat: How to survive a seagull attack

It’s nice and sunny in Bristol these days, and with the sun seagulls are coming back into town. This post from the Guardian should give you some tips about surviving a Seagull attack and save your chips!

Photo credit: Qwertyuiop on Flickr



gitlostZac: GitLost twitter account

Twitter account that automatically tweets git commits that include swear words.

Pretty funny, I wonder if some of the people ever thought their commit messages would be read.



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