Google Analytics pro tip for (not set) campaign data

By May 31, 2012 No Comments

After hours waisted on integrating Google Adwords and Google Analytics I finally found why campaign data was (not set) in GA.

Today I had to make this link between Google Adwords and Google Analytics. Having both talking to each other using the auto tagging AdWords feature was pretty straightforward.

Make sure you follow the whole process detailed on this Google Support page and while you’re here, import the cost data as well.

Right now they should talk to each other.

My problem was that when I was searching for my existing Google Adwords ads on Google, cliked the link, the Gclid param was well set, my page wasn’t redirecting, well everything was supposed to work. Only that my Campaign was receiving (not set). Not so useful.

After multiple tries, looks like that in order to work, you’ll need to recreate your existing ads!

If you have a lot of existing ads, it can be as easy as editing them, as when you edit and existing ads, Adwords actually recreate your ad.

Obviously I haven’t found this information anywhere … and waisted a few hours on this.

Anyway, time for a beer now!