Linode Rails ready stack script and Capistrano database deployment setup

By September 10, 2013 No Comments

This morning Zac and I started a new project. It was the right time to clean a bit our server install and deployment process.

Linode stack script Rails/Passenger/Nginx ready

We’ve started by updating the stack script that we’ve been using in the past, and added some functions to it.

You can find the stack script at or on Linode stack scripts base

It will allow you to select your Database password, SSH port, Rails env install, deploy user and ruby version (default to 2.0.0-p247)

It will install everything your expect on your server including passenger, Nginx, system wide RVM.

Once done the last thing you need to do is to configure your ~/.ssh/config file with your new Port.

Capistrano database.yml deployement

The next thing we needed was a common and easy way to deploy our database.yml file to each new project.

For that we’ve created a Capistrano recipe available here

Once install on your fresh project, when you will run cap [env] deploy:setup the script will ask you for a database username, password and name and set all this to a database.yml file in your shared path.

Then on each deploy, this file will be linked to your last release config folder.

Quick and easy.

We hope it helps