Torf finds playful and engaging ways to capture attending audience data and maintain a rich and lively dialogue with the audience after their attendance.

Arts and creative organisations are always looking to learn more about the audiences that attend their events. Traditionally, competitions have been used to collect data and although they work well, people are becoming increasingly sceptical about where and how they give away their details.

NoFit State Circus and National Theatre Wales began looking at how digital could help capture this data better, especially with the ‘unknown’ section of an audience.

Engagement journey

The Project

With design and UX help from our friends over at Joylab, we managed to produce an online system for organisations to create tailored campaigns and manage audience data effectively.

Torf uses cutting edge technology and ‘a little bit of mischief’ to create playful and engaging experiences. These interactions could be anything from voting for your favourite character from a play you just watched, to downloading a free event programme. Audiences are also encouraged to engage in an ongoing dialogue with organisations after the event has finished!

It has already been tested at various events including a 4,000 strong audience at the Green Man festival, where engagement rates were between 25 and 41%!

Torf admin

How we did it

We’ve helped entrepreneurs and forward-thinking companies launch innovative new digital products, so we understood all the difficulties the client faced. They were unsure of the strength of their idea, had limited time and a constrained budget to name just a few.

Our tried-and-tested process helped to ease some of this pain.

We started by understanding the exact requirements by discussing goals, budget, target markets and desired outcomes. A backlog of features was then agreed upon before each sprint started.

We used an agile approach to the confirm the validity of Torf by releasing rapid prototypes and testing these on live audiences. This way, we were also able to adapt easily to feature changes in light of real insights from real test data.

Frequent communication ensured we had active involvement, cooperation and collaboration from everyone involved. This made for a highly motivated and much more enjoyable way of working.

Torf has gone through a number of versions and we’re extremely proud of the end result: a viable product for the arts industry.