Since last year, we’ve been able to sponsor multiple events. For a lot of companies, this type of sponsoring might come out of their marketing budget, but for us, it comes straight out of our Do Good budget.

The events we sponsor, and why it’s not marketing

So far, we’ve been able to sponsor a few events like The Sparkies, South West Founders and Bath Ruby.

The Sparkies reward the best tech-related companies in the South West. It’s an annual event, and a moment for the best teams to get together and share an evening of pure joy.
We decided to sponsor this event because it helps to raise the profile of fantastic companies in the South West, and subsequently, it will help economic growth here too. The interest here is to help the South West and, perhaps more importantly, Bristol and Bath to reinforce their position in the innovation space.

The South West Founders is an informal monthly networking meetup, including food and drinks, where entrepreneurs can meet other entrepreneurs and discuss any potential problems they are currently facing.
This event is probably the closest to my heart. When I moved from France to Bristol, this was one of the first events I attended. It’s also the event where I’ve met wonderful people like James Routley or Mark Panay, and I want this meetup to continue so new entrepreneurs can also find people to help them through their journey.

Bath Ruby is the Ruby conference to not miss in the South West! An opportunity to meet some of the most intelligent minds in our community.
We decided to support Bath Ruby because we understand that organising a conference is a massive piece of work and the guys behind Bath Ruby put in a tremendous amount of effort. So essentially, it’s a way for us to help the community access high-quality talks for a reasonable price.

So it’s not marketing?

These events definitely don’t come out of out marketing budget. We truly sponsor them out of our “Do Good” budget.

When Nathalie and I started CookiesHQ, it was imperative that the company was not just a commercial entity, but genuinely supportive of the different communities we come from.

Our Do Good budget doesn’t just include sponsorship of events we feel deserve it and are helping people in the tech and business world. But, from this year, it will also account for my time helping and mentoring others on their journey, whether they are developers looking to become a better craftsmen or entrepreneurs who need advice and guidance. So feel free to ping me a message (nicolas[at] if you’re interested.

It’s great to be a part of some of the best events taking place in the Bristol & Bath region

It’s true, sponsoring an event does help to get the Cookies name and brand out there, but the reason for doing this certainly isn’t just for marketing – it’s so much more than that.

It’s important for us as a company to do what we can to give back to the community of developers and entrepreneurs. It means we won’t lose sight or perspective of the bigger picture, and it allows us to support others that might be in the same situation we were in at the start of our Cookies adventure.

Sponsoring events and mentoring others also encourages continuous growth and development of these communities, whether it be tech, business or marketing, and strengthens the relationships between everyone involved.