New year, new website, new blog

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We did it! We have finally finished our new website. It took us a bit more time than anticipated for many different reasons, the 1st being that clients’ work always comes first, and the 2nd being that we took 3 weeks of holidays over Christmas… So it wasn’t done by the end of 2012 like we hoped, but the important thing is that we managed to finish it.

Introducing Cookies HQ

As well as a new website, we are also introducing a new identity: Cookies HQ]. The company name remains We Also Do Cookies Ltd but we needed a name which was easier for us to say and for people to remember.

Besides, we noticed that many people referred to us as ‘The Cookies’.

Our logo is still the same smiley cookie face. We’ve just re-styled it to fit the style of the new site with Simon‘s help.

What’s on the new site

This new site contains more information about who we are, what we do and how we do it.




I must say that writing about our process and services led us to quite a deep reflection about what we were doing, what we wanted to do and where we were going with the company. And I guess it came at a perfect time, just after I’ve come back to work after my maternity leave and just in time to start 2013 with a clear strategy.

We have also added in this new site a proper portfolio, which was missing from our previous website.




It features some of our latest work, in particular Paperfly, an online shop for luxury stationery and other paper products, and Undiscovered Hungary, a travel website for Hungary.

And finally, there’s a professional-looking blog, which we will update regularly with news, SEO tips, technical tutorials or just silly web stuff.

Any feedback is welcome! We’re looking forward to hearing what you think!]