‘Friday Post’ is a series that we started last week. Every Friday, we share links, websites, pictures or videos that we find inspiring, intriguing or mind-blowing. In a word, worth sharing. Here are our finds for this week:


Zac: SIGGRAPH 2013 – Technical Papers Review trailer

siggraph2013Every year I’m blown away by the advancements displayed at SIGGRAPH and this year looks no different.

These cutting edge techniques give us some clues on what to expect with future projects closer to userland.

Watch trailer on Youtube.



Nic: Google Glass APP on Android

xenologerGoogle Glass on your phone!! Some genius have brought the Google Glass apps to your android phone! And it looks awesome! By the sound of it Home/Camera/Maps should be avaible to try out.

More info here as well http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2298214.

And check out the demo on Youtube.



Nat: ‘Looks aren’t everything’ – TED talk by Cameron Russell

cameron_russellI found this TED video when someone shared it on Twitter. Since I’m already a big fan of TED talks, I watched and it became one of my favourites too.

Cameron, a successful model, explains how her pictures as a model are not her. They are a reflection, a construction. Images are powerful but images are superficial.

Watch the video on ted.com.