We have 3 very different stories to share today. Happy Friday!


Nic: Tomely


Surfing on the success of Humble Bundle (where you can buy indie games for the price you want), Tomely is applying the same principle to indie Ebook.

Certainly a great way to discover new authors, but will JK Rollings write another book under a different name?



Nat: sugru


Sugru is a brand and a product. A brilliant product by the look of it. It all started in 2003 when product designer Jane ní Dhulchaointigh decided to come up with a product that would allow her to fix stuff. It took her a few years to develop the right product and they launched officially in 2009. Sugru was a hit immediately, people loved it and they’re still going strong today.

So what’s to take away from this story? Believe in your idea, go with your gut and do not give up!



Zac: PSD.rb 

PSD.rb — LayerVault BlogPSD.rb is an open source library that lets you read and write the notoriously painful Photoshop file format.  I imagine you could do some pretty interesting things using this and I’m definitely adding it to my toolbox.

LayerVault who made the project have an interesting product and a very stylish website too, worth a look.




If you missed it…]

last week we talked about a new kind of url generator, the new platform to share aerial pictures and Canonical’s bet to raise $32 million for a new phone.