After 2 weeks of delegating this task to Nic, I’m back to share our good stories for this week, to be enjoyed while dipping your toes in a paddling pool or sipping an ice-cold beer because it’s Friday after all.

(But if you’re just sat in your office eating a sandwich, it’s fine too).


Zac: Shoutkey

shoutkeySimple way of sharing a link with someone in real life.

Gives you a short URL that uses a single English word.




Nat: Dronestagram

dronestagramCreated by French internet consultant and blogger Eric Dupin, Dronestagram is a new social platform to share your aerial pictures and “build a world map of our Earth with a bird’s eye view”.

Launched only a few days ago, it’s already raised a lot of interest and pictures from around the world have been uploaded. If you like this kind of photos, take a look, some are pretty cool. Unfortunately, my favourite from the Mont Ventoux, France, has disappeared.



Nic: Ubuntu Edge

ubuntu edgeCan Canonical raise 32 million dollars for a new phone from Crowdsourcing? Will a Ubuntu phone be a real game changer in today’s handset spectrum? Do people really want/care about convergence? Do people trust Canonical enough as a hardware provider? Will 2014 be the year of Linux?

Loads of questions this week and I can’t wait to see shape of answers.



If you missed it:]

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