This week Nathalie is attending 2013 UX Bristol event, so, like last week, it’s my duty to present you our weekly links

What we found on the web this week:

GoodUINic: Good UI

You know when you visit a page and you read every single word from top to bottom. Well is one of those. Nothing revolutionary here, but a damn good reminder of todays UX principles and trends. A must read for every web developer.




Coffitivity   Increase Your CreativityNat: Coffitivity

It’s the right ‘mix of calm and commotion’ as an ambient sound that is supposed to boost your creativity. Set it up so that your music is slightly louder than Coffitivity and it feels like you’re working in a coffee shop.
I’ve tried it in the office, which can be a bit loud sometimes, so it didn’t work very well for me. But I’ll give it another go next time I work from home.



The Setup   HelloZac: UsesThis

Interviews about peoples workflows.

Can be interesting to see how other people get into their productivity zone, almost something slightly voyeuristic about it!  Might find a way of improving your own methods.
Edit from Nic: This is also one of my favourite!



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