Smart decisions about your business start with a discovery workshop

A full day to turn your ideas into a working technical plan

We’re a technical agency, but we believe the tech is secondary. Your project requirements and your users come first. That’s why we bring our designers, developers and business experts together to examine your proposition in detail before we kick-start any project. We know that there’s significant risk involved in building a digital product, that’s why we believe the discovery phase is the most important part of any new project.


The workshop isn't a sales pitch - it's a collaboration

These sessions are more than a brainstorm over pricing. We aim to really drill down into your ideas and features, target market, monetisation model, metrics and growth plan. The questions these workshops typically seek to answer are:

  • How much will it cost to build my app?
  • What can be done within my budget and timeframe?
  • What will it look and feel like?
  • Who will use my app?

We will deep-dive into user flows, epics and features, and begin drawing up a high-level launch plan.

it's not just about us

What you bring to the table

This won’t be the first time we chat about your business, so we will already have an idea of the problem you’re trying to solve, and you’ll have an idea of how we can help you. But doing some homework will help you really get the most from this session.

  • Other decision makers in your team
  • A full list of ideas and features (usually as long as your arm!)
  • Your own competitor analysis
  • A completed business model canvas or business plan
  • An open mind!
But we like to think we know a thing or two

What we bring to the table

Our aim is to empower you to focus on your business and your customers, while we provide you with all the technical tools and advice you need.

  • A decade of experience in helping businesses like yours succeed
  • A Product Owner (as the voice of the user), a Project Manager and a Technical Lead
  • The technical know-how to determine what should be (and more importantly what shouldn’t be) included in your MVP
  • A whole heap of Post-it notes!

The session begins with you pitching to our team. We then examine your proposition together: Target market, features, monetisation model, metrics, growth plans. We will close by reviewing user flows, epics and features, and begin drawing up a high-level launch plan.

“Our discovery workshop with Cookies was a year ago almost exactly, and it was a fantastic foundation for everything that’s happened in the last 12 months.”

- Rupert Howe, Co-founder of Stornaway
Ru howe

The outcome

Discovery workshops shift the focus to looking at the project in its entirety and ensure questions about business objectives, user experience, creative and technicalities are covered.

We will have boiled down the many ideas into a working to-do list – really getting to the minimum and viable aspects of your MVP. Everyone will leave the session with a clear idea of what we’ve learned and how the product will be brought to life.

You’ll leave the session with a clear idea of when your MVP will be ready to launch, exactly how much it will cost and what features it will have.

Following the workshop, we will regroup our team, work through the data and ensure the plan is sound before we start writing the detailed Technical Delivery Plan.

The Technical Delivery Plan

An incredibly detailed white label document you can refer back to – and even present to another agency!

The Technical Delivery Plan can take around 10 days for us to write up. It details the core objectives and features that we can help you achieve. We also attach deadlines and milestones based on data gathered during the workshop. It’s a living, breathing and comprehensive delivery plan for your project.

These documents are incredibly in-depth, and lay out actions, technologies, timeframes – breaking down the core functionalities for the app build. If you choose to proceed with CookiesHQ for your project (which 98% of people do after a discovery session) our project manager will use it to ensure development is keeping to schedule and that everyone’s keeping an eye on the bigger picture.

Tell us about your project

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“It was fun, creative and inspiring. After drilling into the business and where we see things we worked through what constitutes our MVP. And somewhat more importantly: what doesn’t. How we plan to do this, where do we want to get our learning and what metrics actually matter to us.  We left feeling really good, leaving Cookies to write up this plan.”

Jonathan Wingrove, CMO at itsettled
jonathan wingrove
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