4 cool things we found this week on the web…



Nik: a tshirt with a hand…

A Japanese label have created a tshirt with a hand that holds onto your mobile device for you.

This is a genius idea, and something I think I need.



B_flying_carZac: quadrocar!

Another kickstarter project from me this week.  Closer and closer to an actual flying car (creator mentions his dream is to make one big enough to carry a person).

Looking forward to seeing some autonomous projects using these.



browser_developer_toolsNic: dev tool secrets

I spend a lot of time in the browser developer tools.

This reference of ‘secret’ comes in handy to discover new ways of interacting with them makes you discover hidden ‘secrets’ that can be very useful.



lecture_spaceNat: a lecture from space

A Chinese astronaut gave a lecture from space to 300+ primary and secondary school students. She did some experiments to demonstrate the concepts of weight and mass in space.

Now, that’s a physics lesson I would have enjoyed!



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